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A Or B?

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Deffo losing them in public... But I'm easy either way hehe  Sagging On The Bus Or Train?

Choose A or B and give a reason. Then ask your own question. I'll Start.   A - Justin Bieber or B - One Direction?

What?? I'm British. You will have to explain. Double sagging in jeans. Bath or Shower? Btw, thank you for cleansing this thread miserable git throwing his toys out of the pram. Feel fre

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8 minutes ago, Denimsag said:

Never had either as an Ice cream flavour. 

Confused me for a sec. Guess you wanted more flavours? No worries mate.

Shower mostly.

Mint chocolate chip or buttered pecan?

I'll buy you any cone of your choice to make up for this  misunderstanding 😁


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Ice Cream 

Early or late rise?

Under normal circumstances, a kind shove & 'call me' would have suffised the next day.

Speaking of which... This lockdown business is getting me hungry guys. I came onto the chin last night, stiff as a nail.

Disconcerting any higher! 













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13 hours ago, maxfli said:

Next day

Plane or train?


We all DESERVE one big holiday once this f*cking mess is over.

Coincidentally, i'm renewing my passport today as it has expired. Next year is going to be hella travel experience! Gonna make up for lost time 😉

Jogging or running? 








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