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A Or B?

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At the moment Cold Shower!  Soaked guys in white shirts : hot or not? 

Who doesn't enjoy a juicy plum? 🍑😋 Big fork  Little guy or big guy? Lol       

Prefer to give wedgies! Might do that to @Pokemon or @Lee249 ! 🤔🤔 Over the head wedgie or just stretching your boxer wedges?

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On 10/3/2022 at 5:00 AM, jonquestor said:

Both can be fun. More often on stomach. But better is when it hits chest, chin, nose, forehead, headboard, wall …

wipe up with sock or tissue

You know your stuff i'm impressed 😋

4 hours ago, jonquestor said:

Bare feet

no show socks or crew socks

Crew socks 

Holding hands or cuddling? 




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29 minutes ago, maxfli said:


sleeping in underwear or in the buff?

I like a good cuddle (non sexually) we all need affection. 

Sleeping in underwear 

Get up when alarm sounds or make every last minute count?

I stay in bed & have a quick **** before jumping out of it in the mornings. 




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Always awake I struggle to keep one eye shut let alone two.

I turn the alarm off beforehand. Did a full 360 song & dance once just as I was drifting into deep sleep.

Seek help or ride the wave? 




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