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A Or B?

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On 10/25/2022 at 10:14 AM, jonquestor said:

Sometimes items the are “salted” are overly salted.  Generally items that are unsalted can be salted. So then you can add the amount of salt you want. 

Same here. I get a dry mouth sometimes from over-salted food products. We forget that salt is a food preservative & high does can be found in much of what we're used to eating.

I love my condiments... Especially salt.

Turkey & cheese because I'm tired of ham lol 

Corned beef or spam? 




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11 hours ago, Atlantica said:


Chicken or turkey? 

Those poor Turkeys... One has to eat elbows off the table 🍴🤣


Hands in or out of sweats or trackies? In another words quote "fidgeting with your balls" or perhaps just warming yourself up 😁





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5 hours ago, Astg94 said:

Short shorts.

polka dots or stripes?

Stripes but polka dots are nice too 👍

Cum stained underwear or no stains? Hehe i'm horny af. 

From the other night 👇


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