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A Or B?

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Prefer to give wedgies! Might do that to @Pokemon or @Lee249 ! 🤔🤔 Over the head wedgie or just stretching your boxer wedges?

🤣 Complex... Why am I heading to bed?  11pm-ish = going to sleep 8pm-ish = going for an "early night" 😅🤭😉😉😉

Nah, why would we walk away? Might be quite nice to watch @Lee249 squirm a little. 🤣

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11 hours ago, Lee249 said:

Thanks Andrew. It's a struggle because my dad is a stubborn git & hasn't had any vaccines. This is the dilemma. 

I feel more confident now that infections are reducing but that is no excuse for letting the guard down. I've know people who had it & are fully vaccinated.

On the other hand, I am forever scrubbing my hands sort of OCD each day. 

Mowing lawn. 

Sagging on bus or train?

I see nobody answered that one… sagging on Train.

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4 hours ago, Atlantica said:

Ham 😁

Peanut butter or Nutella (chocolate spread) 

Never had Nutella. But peanut butter is my answer!

Grape or strawberry jam?

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6 hours ago, Astg94 said:

Never had Nutella. But peanut butter is my answer!

Grape or strawberry jam?

No Nutella 😱 what is grape jam? Lol intriguing.


3 hours ago, Atlantica said:

Strawberry jam. 


Raspberry or Blackcurrant? 


Superman or spiderman? 


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18 hours ago, SaggersRhot said:

Jam is similar to jelly but better quality and better flavor.

Yes, he’s right! I used to have grape jelly… but it was too sweet to my liking. So I started to eat the jams, and I liked them better.

16 hours ago, Atlantica said:


Batman or Robin 

images (14).jpeg


Wonderwoman or Catwoman?

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Since nobody is answering my A or B… scratch it and I made new one.

When reading books, you use the Book to read or tablet (iBooks etc.) for reading?

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Ferrari... Those damn Ferrari's better buckle up 🤣😂🤣😂 

Stuck behind a slow driver or tractor? Man, that **** winds me up. Buggers should give way if possible. 

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Grapes because they're sweet just like my SW buds 😘

BIG banana or juicy apple? 😋

I meant the fruit (on this occasion) hehe 

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9 minutes ago, Astg94 said:

Juicy apple.

Golden delicious or honey crisps apples?

Golden delicious... Once I get my tongue & teeth into it delicious. I currently have a tooth issue so treating the munch delicately at present.

Doughnuts or sausage rolls?

I'm a bad boy. My colleague bought a bag of doughnuts. I scoffed two. Paying the price for it now though because I avoid anything sugary same applies to salt. Kinda watching the levels at the moment. 


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