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A Or B?

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Prefer to give wedgies! Might do that to @Pokemon or @Lee249 ! 🤔🤔 Over the head wedgie or just stretching your boxer wedges?

Right hand 99% of the time.    staying with that theme….jerk off using hand or toys

Mirror. don't like feedback, especially when I'm singing!!!   comb or brush your hair?

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9 hours ago, Andrew_Smiley94 said:

Apple sauce. Mustard is good too!

Cooked or Raw Apples?

That’s a difficult one but I’ll say Raw.


Eat the apple skin or peak your apple before eating it?

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8 hours ago, Andrew_Smiley94 said:

I would’ve said both, but since I’m on a diet, I can’t eat the skins… so peel the apple before eating it.

Macintosh or Golden delicious?

Golden delicious. 

Apples in general are great to nawr at. I only eat red apples though. Sour doesn't agree 🍎🍏 I also like to work my lips around the occasional banana 🍌 😁

Strawberry trifle or tiramasu?

I was eating tiramasu for dessert yesterday & it tasted like christmas pudding. I didn't realise that wine was used as an additive! Lol 

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2 hours ago, maxfli said:


Cheesecake or conventional cake?

Cheesecake. What is conventional? thanks buddy.

I like purchasing scrumptious strawberry after work. The freezer is filled... lots of rubbish. 

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Night cap with a sexy hunk. I fucked a really cute guy tonight at a party. I went down on him I took his load down my throat made exceptions.

Give head or licking him all over? Pull those boxers down because I'm cumin.



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7 hours ago, jonquestor said:

Apple pie 

apple pie or watermelon for…..

Apple pies... I bet your Apple pies are delicious mate. Funny enough, I treated myself to a jam doughnut bag the other day except that I bought ring ones with no jam. I'm a doughnut guys 🤣😂🤣😂

Block of cheese or grated cheese? 


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7 hours ago, Andrew_Smiley94 said:

Grated cheese.

Pasta with Parmesan cheese or without Parmesan cheese?

Pasta with parmesan cheese & a jam doughnut for afters haha

Netflix or YouTube?



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2 hours ago, maxfli said:


TV Show or Movie?o

Movie aka film. Love to watch something on the box after a long day winding down 👍

Sagging low in front of friends or by yourself? 

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7 hours ago, Andrew_Smiley94 said:

Jerking off with your hand.

When doing fun privately, you go to the woods, or someone’s (friends or strangers) house?

I go anywhere that's suitable & has a decent signal lol

Go to someone's for fun 😉

Saturday night... cinema or bowling? I wanna see the Equalizer 3 at the flix. 



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