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A Or B?

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Underwear shopping. My ex-girlfriend andi love shopping for Underwear. Especially when I buy her Men's or Boy's Boxer Shorts and she buys me Jock straps and thongs one time few bras for me.

Shopping For Basketball shorts or Shopping for Jeans

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Prefer to give wedgies! Might do that to @Pokemon¬†or @Lee249 ! ūü§Ēūü§Ē Over the head wedgie or just stretching your¬†boxer wedges?

Who doesn't enjoy a juicy plum? ūüćĎūüėč Big fork¬† Little guy or big guy? Lol¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

At the moment Cold Shower!  Soaked guys in white shirts : hot or not? 

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Tank-tops (for me) are for showing of your muscular body, but sideless shirts are cut and gay as hell so latter one for me.

Which one would you wear for rest of your life?
Only white and black undies, or pink, neon green and other vibrant colors?

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1 hour ago, relayer00 said:

DC. Not a fan of Marvel and never have been.

Boeing or Airbus?

Boeing. A flying bus with wheels would be a genius contraption haha :lol:

Tennis: Best of 3 or best of 5 (sets) I kinda agree about modernising the sport and changing the rulebook. Nobody wants to sit through a 6 hour match, unless off course it's an epic :rolleyes:

I'm wondering which brain box came up with the best of 5 rule. It isn't fair on the guys in sweltering conditions in my opinion.

So in conclusion: Best of 3 or best of 5? 

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On 7 August 2017 at 6:21 PM, SBJB said:


Killing Grandma for her money or having everyone think you did

OMG, that is so random! 

Pornhub: lots of gay clips on there to keep me amused :D

Salt or Vinegar? 

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I don't smoke... But i'd assume that bowls would make stocks last longer. 

Aussie Soaps: Neighbours or Home & Away?

Guilty pleasure during lunch break catching Neighbours.

It's a ***** missing the second part tho :cursing:

Sooo NOT cool :lol: 

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