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What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

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Pentecost weather in Norway is rain and 8C. And by the way Pentecost in Norwegian is "pinse". Anagram for "pinse" is p***s

Windy. I'm not just taking about certain people blowing their trumpets haha 

This week has been gorgeous & it looks set to continue into the bank holiday weekend then beyond. Blue sky, light winds & warmth. Off to a mates BBQ tomorrow afternoon 👍 What's not to lik

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Lovely, fine and warm. Cloud has started increasing during the afternoon BUT, No bank holiday washout! We're having a BQ tomorrow woopie dossssssss :D

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well we had a few nice warm and sunny days in england over the bank holiday weekend, but today its back to the cloudy, cooler, damp conditions we are more used to this time or you, wish had more nice sunny days, great for shirtless sagging

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What a beautiful day it is today, it's like yesterday but with sunshine.

I wish I hadn't eaten all the ice lollies last night during Eurovision now because one or several of them right now would be lovely. :blushing: 

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Oh great, rain!!!

I was going to say that summer is now over it would seem after one whole day of lovely sunshine cause it's now p*ssin it down and as wet as the ocean floor outside but don't panic Britain, I have just checked on the weather countdown thingamajig and apparently there is still 31 days and 15 hours before British summertime officially starts.

However, do try and contain your excitement people because with Great British weather, that could just mean that we may get another whole day of sunshine to enjoy this year!

Great British weather - wtf is so great about it? I need a holiday!

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