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What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

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Blue & clear perfect! 

It's just like a summers day here whoop, whoop  some fine sag sightings would make the weather oh so much hotter  

Windy. I'm not just taking about certain people blowing their trumpets haha 

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Still but chilly.

Betta get those heaters sorted in our shop! Blowing dust is not hot. I have the setting gauge at one all heaters, so it doesn't stink the place out (two does) 

The engineer didn't turned up to repair the problem! It isn't an issue but it IS because I am accountable for everything if anything. 

Already informed colleagues regarding this F**** up. None of us wanna freeze.

I bought a heater myself out of my own pocket because I'm like that. Taking it in with me in the morning.

We shall have heat 🔥x


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14 hours ago, Daddysgums said:

Wet and snowy I live on the beach on the coast or Oregon we got 6 inches of snow over the weekend totally crazy is 28 with freezing rain totally blows

Wow. Are these rare conditions Chris? Thanks

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Cold and windy I had to start my girlfriend son's car and I was wearing satin boxer shorts and satin pajamas top and pants and satin robe I had stiff nipples and stiff c**k because I was wearing all satin stuff and it was 15 degrees and with the wind whipping around 25 mph

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