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What would your perfect job be?

Mine would be to work as a ‘stage hand’ on TV, this would consist of ‘mic-ing up’ all the guests. For example, Justin Bieber’s mic isn’t working, so I must tell him to lift his shirt up whilst I adjust the mic pack in his back pocket. :)

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Flight attendant with some dodgy low budget airline like Easyjet lol.

Hmm..... I hope Flameboard doesn't read this MWHAHAHA.

My dream job (sounds lame) is to open up my own business in the high street and provide serious competition amongst rivals. Probably a coffee or retail clothing chain of some kind. The market needs new blood and I'd like to be part of it someday. Pathetic right?? ;)

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I've been thinking about this since I left school and I still don't know what I want to do. I'm not even sure that my perfect job exists!


I like the idea of part time work, perhaps 1 day a week, starting late, finishing early and doing very little work before and after my long lunch break. I'll be needing a company car, an office with double aspect views, a large salary a decent bonus and holiday package and sick pay too just incase. Anyone hiring? :biggrin: 


Lee, I had a wicked idea for your high street business, pm mate. Oh and if you want me onboard to help you manage it and make it a massive success, I can do Thursdays 11am - 2pm. :) 

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Not pathetic at all Lee, with a good business plan, correct marketing and if you can find a way to make your business unique from those big chains you can succeed.

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My perfect temporary job was as a waiter in a cocktail bar.
I could sag without limit and there were many other saggers.
Also there were many beautiful women that I could present my sagging pants. :)
I am now working casually as a seller. In the store itself I cant sag so much, so I usually obscures the sag with a jacket.
But in the warehouse I can sag much as I want ^.^

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