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Weirdly Entranced By Saggers...?

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This has been a recurring issue since I've first started sagging. Every time I see a sagger in the streets, I can't help but look at the sag for a period of time; not long (like about 5 to 10 seconds), but I think it's longer than necessary. I'm not sexually attracted to them, but street sags are interesting. Anyone else have this problem?

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I'm not sure that this is really a problem dublsagger2damax.

I look and i'm guessing that most of us look at sags that we notice in the street. I don't think sexuality has much to do with the reason why or how long we look for because we all have an interest in sagging even if our preference might be that we enjoy to do it ourselves rather than to look at others doing it.


I love seeing sagging in public, I seem to be able to spot it instantly and from great distances too. I like to be aware of everything that's happening around me, especially sagging, which can sometimes literally stop me in my tracks, make me stare, make my jaw drop and num my brain, affecting my speech, the blood pressure in my pen!s, oh and my awareness of everything else that's happening around me! Ok, sometimes it is sexual for me! :biggrin: 

But when it's not, why should it matter how long I look for? It's not as if a sagger is showing anything they don't want to be seen. I may be looking long and hard for a logo / brand on their underwear because I like it so much that I want to buy some of my own to wear. Well, that's my best excuse! :wink: 

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I look, just to see what they're wearing.  If there gear works, how everything flows, what their shoe game is like. I'm a sneakerhead so the shoes are important! lol  I especially pay attention if someone's style is similar to mine.  Not too many dudes still rock baggy gear so I'll definitely stop and look then.

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