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How Many Pairs Of Underwear Do You Have?

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I’m now up to 250 pairs of satin/silk boxers 

I think I have over 250 pairs at this point and I'm now fully overwhelmed by how many I have. I need to do a big declutter lol

You have 1 Pair of boxers, how??   http://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/image/61669-/ My 96 atm, But seem to be missing some so need to find! Missing like 20!






You have 1 Pair of boxers, how??


My 96 atm, But seem to be missing some so need to find! Missing like 20!



Dude I'm loving how some of you guys fold your stuff an organize it all nice like I do! Ahah this is badass xD 


I easily got around 50-100 pairs lol, but I only wear like half (the nicer ones ;D)--the rest are in a box lmao

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I'm so glad I'm not alone with having a ton of underwear lol. I don't even know an exact number because I have some here at school with me and still a bunch back at home haha. Here I have about 50 pairs, I'd say. Back home, I probably have another 40, so basically I have about 90 pairs if not more! And that number is only going up ;)

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last count three years ago for boxerbriefs- 220 pairs (might have more now)

last count two weeks ago for boxers- 63 pairs

i now have some where over 300 pairs of boxerbriefs    and only 100 pairs of boxers

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I'm litteraly sitting here with 3 packs of 7 briefs (21 in total, bought from department store), less than 10 boxer briefs, no boxer shorts/boxers, and a speedo.
No satin/silk boxershorts, no thongs.
I mean, I could get more but I don't have money(as in paypal etc, I only have 50€ but my mom has it for security) and my department store sucks. #VivaFrance
But don't worry guys one day I will have over 200 pairs! Or I hope so... qWq.


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Wow some you guys have a lot of underwear. I was curious so I went and did a tally


8 pairs of satin silk boxers

16 pairs of cotton boxers shorts (plaid or plain)

6 pairs of Tommy Hilfiger trunks

12 pairs of Calvin Klein trunks

15 pairs of black briefs (Bonds and Alpha Mens)

2 pairs of Star Wars trunks and 2 pairs of Christmas themed trunks

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8 hours ago, jonquestor said:

No sure of the count, but has to be in the 100s by now.  Complete with boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, low rise briefs, sports briefs, speedos, and long johns. 

That's an amazing collection my friend. Ps, sorry, I recognized that you messaged me on Discord a week ago. Feel bad we weren't able to chat ☹️ hope you are doing ok. 








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8 hours ago, Bence said:

Maybe between 45-55. Briefs, trunks, boxer briefs and 1 boxer short..evertyhing

Wow. You have quite the collection. Storage space ok? 



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