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Is This Guy Gay?

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Just by looks do you think this guy is gay?


I have this feeling me might be bi, cause today we were showing him loads of pics of damn fine girls that even I, myself being gay, would bang for a dare. His reaction: "Guys honestly? Can't you come up with anything better?"


So I was like, either he has way to high standards or he's bi with a slight preferance for males at the very least. 


I'm kinda confused you about him, and I feel a small attraction towards him. 



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He's bi I'm guessing bcuz it sounds like he looked at all of the pictures probably head on, he's probably more into guys plus he's wearing a scarf around a hoodie which is weird bcuz it's unnecessary. It's like he's trying to fashionable but doing wrong like a straight guy might

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Only one way to find out. Put your knob in his mouth and see how he reacts!

ROFL. You're a funny fucker :lick:

Well..... going by the image alone i'd say he's prolly too macho to be queer.

I would presume Bi from the initial post description.

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There we go the age old giving some one handsome a lable..He could be bi,  he could be straight, he could be gay. Unless any one knows the guy we'll be guessing for an eternity. My hunch is he's possbibly Bixexual. LABLES don't we just hate em lol

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