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Hey man,

I read from your profile that you're 13yo. Every single person lives and builds his or her sexuality in a personal way, and many people pass through an "exploration" phase when their sexuality is not so clear to them. This may consist of an istant doubt for someone, or of many years of confusion for others. I'm 18 and I'm starting now to understand what's going on in my brain :S so take your time to understand who you're attracted to. Maybe you are straight and you're just temporarily physically interested in guys; or maybe you are exploring other aspects of your sexuality you hadn't considered before. I know this doesn't help much but I can't tell you whether you're gay or not, primarly because I don't know you well, and secondly because there might be no answer yet.

So the point actually is what torsion said (yeah I'm realizing my post might be pretty much a waste of time) plus the "don't rush things" advice I tried to give you.

Ok, I probably like to complicate things. Just live as you feel and don't care about being judged, if you go with a guy that's ok, if you wanna stay with a girl, that's ok too. Don't be anxious to categorize (do you say that in english?) your sexuality. That's why I love the "I don't like labels" option on Sw profiles :)

Keep an open mind, cultivate interests and love all the way, these for me are the secrets to be happy ;)

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