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What Do You Find Attractive?

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Thanks to @TheOther1 for reopening the conversation. 

One, the picture you posted @SaggerTwinkLover is really hot.  Love his muscle build and stance in the picture with I think his hands I his pants and on his a**. 

And to get the ball rolling, I find guys of Hispanic, Greek, or Middle Eastern (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Egyptian, etc) heritage extremely hot.  For me on Arabic/Middle Eastern guys, it's mostly their skin color, dark hair and facial  hair (one of the few times I like facial hair) and their looks.  They usually have sharp facial features, smooth skin, and soft eyes. 

Hispanic guys it's mostly there facial features and if they have an accent. I find Spanish accents a major turnon and often times, Hispanic guys have a pretty decent muscle build and sexy hands.  Having big, bony, or vascular hands is also a major turnon.  

If you wanted just physical attributes, medium to heavy muscle builds, big and vascular hands, vascular legs and arms, well built calves or forearms, tall-ish and wide-ish shoulders and narrow waist, soft eyes, good or unique facial structure, sagging (obviously), really tight butts in tight underwear, and clean cut faces a day hair (unless otherwise stated above).  That most of what I like. 

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Tattoos are great. Gives out that whole amazing confident vibe like the guy knows his mind and what he wants. Represents someone who is completely at ease within himself.






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