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What age did everyone start Sagging there pants

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On 9/3/2018 at 11:17 PM, spotify95 said:

I started really late... Although I did experiment a couple of times beforehand (with limited success), I really started about 10 months ago - so age 22.

I was a late developer too. I fantasized about sagging when (see profile bio) again, like yourself i had experimented but knew very little about it.

Who'd thought i'd experience what i have done thus far already. You guys got me started. Since i registered with SW, it has been one adventure after another.

It's just not actively sagging. Meeting people on here allows you to gain more in depth knowledge on the subject, as well as making new friends.

Take Liam, i never thought that sag meet up would happen in a millions years and it did. We shot pics! Plus, we've become buds off SW.

Then there's @flameboard and @TheOther1 the ultimate SW pairing. They have become good friends on and off the SW spectrum with frequent get togethers.

You can truly make a good friendship from sagging on or offline. The facts are there ;)


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WANTED to start at about 10, tried it, loved the feeling, especially since it was a bit erotic and I was approaching puberty, and loved the excitement of sagging when my parents absolutely forbade it.  So I sagged whenever I could get away with it until out of college and out of parents' home and sight at 21, then started sagging for real - every place I could.

Maybe one of my early problems is that I thought the only real sag was totally BTB, which was totally "dangerous" around home . . .

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The time I started sagging was.. around 7 years old iirc.
I got introduced to sagging by a classmate. We were on sport, the whole class was wearing jeans (I don't remember much but I know he and I were wearing jeans)and we were playing a game with the teacher.
(the chasing game, like if I get you you go there and you don't move)

And then, when it finished, I turn my head t o the left and I see him with his jean low and I could see his white underwear.
I told myself "Hey, that's pretty cool! How about I do it too?"
Then I lowered my pants, at the same depth(maybe a little more down) and I started walking like that. I felt awesome tbh. I quite hid it so the teacher wouldn't notice. 

To me, despite my primary school experience being the worst (all the cute-ass kids you can see are actually douches, esp if you're shy and calm like me), and even if I hate this guy, I can thank him because now I'm becoming a sagger on the long way.
I also showed my sag to my mom when I was young, telling her it's style. 🤣


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