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What are you wearing right now?

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20 hours ago, LenTheCat said:

tapout white/black shirt (oversized because I'm losing weight)

uomo green/black boxer briefs (oversized as well)

skinny jeans (oversized as well) they're litterally sliding down each time i move, wearing them without a belt right now.

Because of me doing intermittent fasting, my body thins and my pants slide if I (don't) wear a belt or/and keep it loose.
My mom literally said "keep your clothes until we send them back to your extended family lol" xD

Can't waitt to go buy new clothes!

Are you gonna style yourself with baggy clothes or keep the same style just more form fit clothes keep the sag?

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black t shirt, purple under armour compression shorts, white CCC rugby shorts, blue adidas trackies, blue jeans. Going to watch cousin play football outside this morning. Will add coat when we leave.

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My girlfriend 18 year old brother just got home from a date with his boyfriend wearing tan Timberland boots with black Nike Socks, Tan skinny jeans sagged to mid ass with Black Nike Pro Combat Compression Shorts and White Jockey Boxer Shorts with a White Hanes Tank Top, White Hanes V-Neck T-shirt with a Blue Hollister Polo Shirt

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29 minutes ago, Pretzelknot said:

Black skinny jeans, sagged off my ass, black underwear, black n64 hoodie, and a red and black flannel on top

Sounds  like a hot outfit bro. Love to see it

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