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What are you wearing right now?

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some plaid Hanes, Bills jersey, Affliction jeans and forces 

Sagged in boxers today  as you can see, rips are well below knees in the last pic lol.  I used 'going to get milk' as a simple excuse to sag with my boxers showing off in Tesco. If only i had som

The sag today! No belt and low.

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I will keep the lycra shorts on for swimming and add black nike shiny basketball shorts and silver nike basketball shorts to go in the pool.

That sounds hot, but do they let you swim like that in public pools ? I wish I coud see that today, I'm going swimming as well.

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Good for you, mate. Do people look / comment at you with all the layers ? I wish I had seen you swim from under, with all the layers floating around :P

Yesterday I was just wearing plain normal black Esprit board shorts, really low, to the limit of my pubes LOL ;-) The pool I go to (which is actually more a spa that a pool) says "swimwear compulsory, no underwear or outside wear" , which kind of bans bb shorts and all the rest, I guess.

But in loads of pools now, swim briefs are compulsory, they don't event accept shorts and bbs, which I really hate, I'd rather be naked that wear that children's uncomfortable stuff, even if I admit I find hot sometimes to watch other guys at the pool in it.

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You can see both the basketball shorts though as they are both the same except for the colour. I had the silver ones over the lycra shorts and the black ones on top of that so the silver ones showed sometimes at the waist and the legs.
Hot hot hot, mate...
You didn't have anything on under the board shorts? not even speedos? I would never swim in just one layer.
No, really I dont like breifs or speedos, they're way too tight on the crotch. I would have normally gone for a boxerbreif under the board short, but since it's forbidden, I didn't. A bloke kept looking down at my bulge, so I think wearing just my board shorts was fine in the end ;)
I guess by swimbriefs you mean speedos. I would hate to have to wear just those. And i don't think they would allow you to swim naked.
Yeah, that's what I meant, directly translated from French ;) Yep, unfortunately you can only swim naked in special saunas ;) (Or in a lake on a summernight with mates !)
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