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What are you wearing right now?

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some plaid Hanes, Bills jersey, Affliction jeans and forces 

Just me sagging in my kitchen!!  

Sagged in boxers today  as you can see, rips are well below knees in the last pic lol.  I used 'going to get milk' as a simple excuse to sag with my boxers showing off in Tesco. If only i had som

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I'm having old destroyed levi's, my BF's John Galliano boxer briefs, a purple t-shirt and a plain white long sleeve shirt under it, with the sleeves showing out. Adidas Spezial on the feet.

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today is Double Sag Day with some Dim boxerbriefs, some thin stripes boxers, Dickies jeans. First time I go out with a double one, got a mix of being a bit nervous and really excited...

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today is spring sag !! Yaaay ! First knickers of the year, with Pull & Bear boxer briefs, black t-shirt and regular Nike.

Feels so good, and I could see so many other guys in shorts and knickers on my way to work today. I love it when we get closer to summer ^_^

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Im just checking the site before I go into town. I'm wearing Little Bros size 12 briefs (now unwashed for 4 months), thermal long pants (makes the jeans tighter) striped boxer briefs, satin blue boxers, size 12 stretch jeans, New Rock boots, studded belt, tight black muscle shirt, black and white hoodie and black and white cap. Should create a bit of attention at the mall!


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