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What are you wearing right now?

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some plaid Hanes, Bills jersey, Affliction jeans and forces 

Outfit of today for work, so not the deepest sag 😁  

Just me sagging in my kitchen!!  

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On 10/26/2016 at 3:08 AM, Pabsman2024 said:

A pair of Black Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs that my girlfriend have stole out the mens locker room at her high school back in 2004

What was she doing in the mens locker room?

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Chilly here in Northern California, too,

So I'm wearing sweatshirt over T shirt on top.

On bottom, faded black levis, commando (and fly open, as usual) about half-ass (just high enough to bottom of sweatshirt meets waistband).

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Planned to spend an evening home alone so went freeballin' in my G-Star 3301 slim fit's, but a friend invited me to have a drink, so I just put on a t-shirt and my blue hoodie and off we were. I'm sure he noticed I wasn't wearin' any boxers, but he didn't seem to mind ;-)

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23 hours ago, lo2go said:

Echoing what guys have said for years: you're (still!)   S O    H O T T .

Wish you lived next door.

Aaawww! That's the one of the nicest and most endearing comments i've ever read.

Thanks ;) 

If people are still interested in my sags, i'll continue uploading. I always think there's room for improvement from a personal perspective though. 

The challenge and goal for next year is to overcome my self-consciousness and do a proper decent public album. Somewhere with different surroundings. The only thing that's prevented me so far is the teasing in regards to getting my phone out. 

It's not as simple as just whipping it out unfortunately haha



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@Lee249: There's a lot of us looking foreward to seeing you sag in public.

On topic: after a boring day at work - had to wear a suit for cryin' out loud - got home and changed into my G-Star 3301 Slims, black bbs, tshirt, hoodie and Bjorn Borg sneakers. Saggin well below ass to compensate for the otherwise sagless day!

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