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Guest jadensagsofficial

Hey, I'm new here!

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Guest jadensagsofficial

Hi guys, my name is Jaden and I'm new here! I've been watching flameboard on his YouTube channel for about a year and a half now, and looking at his Instagram for about six months! He is one of the main reasons I got into sagging!

I started sagging about two years ago, primarily with shorts. I then transferred into jeans and long pants, which is my favorite style of sagging to date! I usually sag with my collection of jeans and joggers. In public, I sag around my butt but at home, I let it all out and sag beneath my butt, never beneath my privates, though. And I usually wear shirts that can cover up my underwear, I never show my underwear when I sag in public. But at home, I show my undies.

My knowledge, my style, my bravery of sagging has become stronger and more fluent and progressed tons over the two years. I am excited to be here, I will follow all rules! 

By the way I don't know if this is the right place to post this topic?! Also is there a discord link?

Pictures below 





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i forgot to add something i needed to ask

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