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Too Hot to Not Look

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Guest jadensagsofficial

So here's a little storytime for you. . . 


I was out doing errands and I saw this extremely hot sagger. He was wearing american eagle ripped skinny jeans, very colorful boxer briefs and a pick shirt that covered his entire sag but nothing more. The very top of his jeans were showing, and sometimes the boxers. 

He was quickly exiting the store along with me. I decided to walk fast so I could see his sag. I followed him until to his smoke. I creeped behind him to watch him smoke and sag. I pretended to be waiting for someone so I just went on my phone. If I thought of it, I would've taken a couple pictures. But I was so caught up in the moment. Sorry!! 😂😂

He left momentarily so I did with him. I waited a couple seconds before I pretended to have saw my friend. I rushed over to where my fake friend was, his car. 

For some reason, I have a affiliation with saggers (especially low saggers) getting into their cars, and sitting. It's just so hot to me. So I watched him get into his car and leave. 


I guess you could call that spying or creeping on someone but it was  Too Hot to Not Look!

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