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Have u ever sucked a c**k and loved it a lot, but still want to suck a ****?

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Last year, i went upstairs to the lunchroom at school and i saw an upperclassman and i kept on staring at him. He said, "What r u looking at? U looking at my crotch area? U wanna see my c**k?" I went like What the F**** and said yes. None of my family members no this, and i'd like to keep that way. I sucked his c**k every time we were in the bathroom and i loved it.

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Yeah, man!  I know the feeling, the desire, and how good it is!

Glad you've found out, too.

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No. Cocks 100% all the time. A full errectile one in my gob gives me the jollies. I like it long and hard - just like getting my ass pounded. 

I'm no screamer! Some guys make far too much noise. I'm like 'enjoy, but PLEASE allow me to enjoy myself and aim far without going deaf' 

I wonder if anyone has ever worn earplugs whilst having sex. There are noisy ones. I prefer to keep bedroom antics private 😁

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