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My girlfriend 16 year brother is cleaning out his closet so was going to throw away some of t-shirts that he made in sideless shirts most of them where from his high school sports team and he is going to and I went to the same high school that he going too. I went to that high school from 2002-2006. I said to him I would take them because I went to the same high School that he is going to. so I put one on it was cut so low that my boxers were showing and one of were cut too wide that my nipples were showing and girlfriend and her 18 year old sister said you look so sexy with the shirt on. I would wear those shirt's in the summer months when I am working in the warehouse or working around my house

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I thought Tank Tops went out of fashion way back lol. I'm getting into longline t-shirts, the trouble is those cut down on sag exposure. 

Unless ofcourse you're wearing a nice see-through/muscle fit one like Biebes has been known to wear. They cut close to your sag, so you can tell the outline of the waistband & also detect how low the jeans are hanging which is cool 😀 

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