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Have a crush on a guy

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I think I have a crush on a guy who sags really low and my friend said that he and I heart each other which could be true. what do i do? this is the first time i've admitted that and i just don't no if he feels the same way. aoem of u went out with a guy how does it go?

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I'd say you need to ask him out for lunch or something casual first, rather than rushing into a date, and then just see where it takes you. If you're not sure how he feels then I'd say something relaxed would be the best way to approach it, just in case it doesn't go anywhere then you'll still be friends.

To me, it sounds pretty positive though so I'd say just go for it and see what he says. 😀

Whatever happens, just make sure your sag's looking good though because if he's a sagger too, chances are he'll want to check out yours! 😛

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Aawww that's sweet. Yeah go with the flow & get to know him first. Take it at your own pace. Enjoy it & don't rush into anything unless you're ready.

Like @Sagsysaid make sure you're rocking a good sag as he'll be thanking you for it with his 👍😀

Do keep us updated with developments mate. Good luck! 

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