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Not weird to go through the motions at all because everyone has their ups and downs mate - ask my manager!! 

The amount of bullS*** she's had from me recently, i'm surprised i haven't put a spanner in the works.

Get this... Friday was a difficult day and things haven't been going too well for me lately (if you get my drift) anyways, an exhausted me texted her about my stress levels, health issues etc. I proper turned inwards as i've been known to get down on myself.

You know what she said & i quote "You are a vital part of my team, please stop undervaluing yourself Lee. Your efforts are always much appreciated"

That's all it takes. A nice gesture or good deed to change someones emotional state and bring them back from the brink of despair. Even the smallest of things can help your mindset. Her support has been incredible. It's been tough at times tbh with you, but her & others keep all that negativity from rearing it's ugly head.

It cheered me up.


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thnx. that was an up and down day but then it went up so i wasn't sad. we r only human after all. what we can do is amazing when we r positive thnx.

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