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What is double sagging or multi-sagging?

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was out double saggin wit my homee other day

I totally agree. I love seeing a round ass in boxerbriefs! It's all about the underwear!

My double sag…

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Yeah, that's cool.  It's basically wearing two pairs of pants and sagging them both over your underwear.  The double is the two pairs of pants.  Usually, your outer pants are the lowest, then the other pair is somewhere between the underwear and the outer pants.  Peace.

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So LOVE doubles in the winter months. Tend to wear a leather jacket over my ansamble and then when ready pull my jeans or joggers down. I try to expose the shorts and underwear for all to see. Sometimes it's just the shorts, either way it's me off later. I have a good spunk sesh. 

Hopefully we'll be seeing more saggers about heading into Summer. Ts and shorts are begging for sag action 😁


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8 hours ago, AlexL said:

Potentially unpopular opinion. I don’t like double sags. I just want to see underwear. Lol. 

Hmm…I'd like to see both, but I see where you're coming from.

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19 minutes ago, Admiralolsen said:

I actually have pretty good movement in my double and multi sags.  I also like the restrictive feeling. 

Good for you. You must have been waddling 🤣

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2 hours ago, SaggerMatt said:

Hmm…I'd like to see both, but I see where you're coming from.

When I see a sagger and then just see gym shorts underneath, I’m like “NEXT!” 

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