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Most popular type of underwear by country

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So for a few years boxer briefs have reigned supreme.

here in the UK until about 2008 it was all loose plaid boxers but then they died out. Here people used to be made fun of for briefs but now they seem to be coming back and you get made fun of more for boxers.

when I’ve spoken to straight mates about underwear they all say they like trunks and get quite passionate about how bad loose boxers are. Briefs seem a bit more neutral but you see a lot of celebrities wearing them and they are starting to get a foothold. Like ck briefs, not y fronts.

i tried to buy some regular boxers in gap the other day and the sales attendant asked me if they were a gift for my dad.

so what’s popular in your countries? Stereotypically guys in the USA and Germany wear boxers, Holland and Denmark wear bbs and Australia and Asia wear briefs.

is that still the case?

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I've seen the trend here in Aus change over the years. Using highschool as the example, it use to be briefs until 90% of the guys in my year group decided to start sagging so it was satin/silk boxers. Within 3 years it transitioned to boxer briefs for sagging (even going as far as this group of guys complementing their friend who finally swapped from boxers to boxer briefs). These days it's hard to tell as it's a bit of a mix really (and sagging is on the decline). 

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Boxers are cool for that baggy sag, with the loose fit riding up and down the legs--real nice.  Briefs are nice for sagging below the underwear--pretty cool.  And, boxerbriefs are cool for showing off the shape of the butt.  All pretty cool.

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