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what would u guys do to me?

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I would sit there softly kiss your neck and nibble on your ear as I'm running my hand up your shirt feeling your tummy moving my fingers toward your erected nipples I softly start pinching them then I turn your head to me and I look in your eyes and start running my fingers through your hair and then I pull you to me and I slide my hard tongue in your wet mouth I grab the back of your hair and our tongues start  wrestling in your warm mouth we both start rubbing each other then I grab your shirt and lift your arms up and pull it off looking at your nice smooth bod I instantly go to run my tongue around your hard nipples then I start kissing downwards kissing the bulge on the outside of your Addias bb shorts with your white blk ethika's on then I slide down your shorts the outline of your thick dck is mighty impressive I start kissing and nibbling on it as your breathing gets faster I make you turn around and I pull your shorts and bb briefs below your ass and just start rubbing my hands over your hott ass spanking it I make you get in the doggy posistion I get my flavored strawberry lube edible and puts some drops at the top of your cheeks as it seeps down I spread your cheeks and there it is the pink delight my tongue gets extra hard I gently put the tip of my tongue inside you and start moving it in a circular motion as your moan softly then as I'm going to town I'm stroking you I turn you on your back and get between you and start orally going to work as your shoving my head and tongue deeper into you I pull my shorts down and climb on top of you and say open wide I slowly insert my boy in your mouth to my  surprise your very good at deep throating I slowly start fckn your mouth and your taking it very well after about 10 mins of you being busy I pull out and I instantly start deepthroating you slow and deep  edging you slowly watching you get goosebumbs and your hair is standing str8 up I ask you what's your fav posistion you lay me on my back and you climb on top and lean forward and whisper destroy me I start off kinda slow then gradually move to a med pace then I pull you forward I arch my back with my ass cheeks off the bed and just tap it hard for a solid 10-15 then I throw u in missionary and get deep inside you and pound it your legs are all hard wrapped around me you won't release the grip so I continue to drill your hole as your moaning I start moaning I'm.gonna fckn nut omfg I'm so close your grip is still tight my balls slapping your hole so hard I finally let it rip your eyes rolled back your moaning omfg I totally felt that shoot inside me I'm now giving you some short deep thrusts I'm still unloading in you so much though that it's coming out of you while I'm still inside you it's running down your legs your whimper. Omg please stay inside me I gently lay there  inside you while we start kissing when I pulled out it was a white river of jizz flowing out we both took a shower I helped wash you all clean even gave you a bj in the shower till you bust down my throat mmm thick it was and slightly sweet then we got dressed I got my jacket on with my new globes walked over to you and said thanks you were da bomb and kissed you. That's what I would do to you

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On 10/3/2019 at 8:07 AM, Jacklinl said:

What would u guys do to me if I was with u? Answer honestly. Anything gay or really I'm down for anything and everything.

Well my thoughts are to rub my hand up under your shirt until I reach your nipples. While gently pinching them whisper in your ear…can we find a room?

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