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Asexual with a sexual fetish

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Does anyone consider themselves to be asexual - lacking sexual attraction for other people, or having low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity with people?  Maybe feel a romantic attraction towards people, but not a sexual attraction?  But also have a sexual fetish for underwear -  so this has the sexual attraction? 

So other people - male or female - just don't do it for you, but underwear does?

If so, is this after trying sexual relationships?  Have you always felt this way?  Do you think it's from birth or from childhood experiences - nature or nurture?  Are you open about it or hiding it?

They reckon 1% or people are asexual - really interested to hear anyones thoughts and experiences.


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Interesting topic. Well, I wouldn't say I'm asexual because I'm gay and ONLY interested sexually in guys but when I'm together with a guy I don't really enjoy it. I like to su*ck the guy and cuddle, kiss and play but when he is doing it to me I don't get hard from it. I have never been attracted to girls and have never been with a girl. I love watching gay po*n and I like to je*rk off to it and I like to be with guys but don't get ha*rd when he is suc*king me off. Not sure exactly why that is though.

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