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Mostly smoking, also athletic gear, muscles, shoes, hats, etc. A fit guy rocking a sag and smoking gets me going

Umm I like wetting my undies such as pissing or c*mming in them, ik it sounds weird but I really like the feeling of it. Freeballing turns me on too and when guys don‘t give a sh*t while sagging in pu

Yeah, I know, man.  Basketball shorts are designed so dopely.  They look great with all their colors and designs, and look great on a guy.  And, they look great sagging.

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Unchanged underwear. I love it to wear my boxers for many days in a row, my socks even longer, and I get super turned on when I realize someone else is doing it.

Socks with holes. The less sock is left, the better the sock, lol. But toe holes are annoying, just the soles must be messed up.

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I get turned on by saggers and also shoes - has to be either hightops, skate shoes or timbs. Must be worn super loose with laces untied - gets me really turned on when I see guys doing shoeplay or the heel slipping a bit as they walk - ie loose shoes like they just don't care. 


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On 6/19/2020 at 7:46 AM, Prowler905 said:

ok here goes nothing

feel free to give me some feedback on this good or bad I wont mind

I don't know if any of this counts as fetishes but I love to be barefoot inside outside doesn't matter I really do love to walk in the snow barefoot that gets me hard

whats funny is I love sneakers have a nice collection but don't like wearing them but when I do they have to be untied and loose always get them a size larger

recently I've been obsessed with abs I want a washboard stomach so bad I recently lost 27 pounds so im well on my way but its gotten to the point where im looking a pictures of guys with six packs 

and lastly It was recommended by a few people on SW that I try sagging and showering fully clothed well I tried it the other day and I really liked it 

I tried to take some pictures but I need some practice with that or someone else that could take the pictures any volunteers lol

here are a few pictures of my first attempt and not my last attempt at wet sagging

again any input on these will help 






If you lived in Australia, walking barefoot is just part of the lifestyle 😜

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