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How often you buy new underwear and go through your underwear drawer

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How often do you buy new underwear or go through your underwear drawer to get rid the ones that you don't wear anymore or one's that that aren't in good condition like holes and stains or gained a size or lost a size or changed your underwear preference what you do with your old underwear

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For my boxer shorts and boxer briefs every 6 months to a year my jockstraps and compression shorts every 3 months because the leg straps get unravel and the cup pocket get holes and my briefs over a year because I rarely wear them. The ones that are in good condition but don't wear anymore I try to give to my girlfriend's brother or they become shop rags in my garage the ones that has holes and stains they get tossed out in the trash

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I haven't bought new underwear for like ages. I only started doing so 1 month ago, now I'm reaping the harvests I guess. (Polo Ralph Lauren, Hanes & American Eagle & british plaid boxers).

I don't know, I just buy whenever I want lol..
Because the brands I love aren't always in France.
Other than that, if I used store brands, itd epends. Sometimes, it can be more than a year until I buy new underwear. This time, it'll be different now that I got money lmfao.

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I wear underarmour most of the time, with some adidas and sly and I usually have to buy new underwear after I wear them out from walking and working.  When you work underground in a mine and your constantly sweating and moving, underwear and socks don’t last extremely long.  I can usually get 1 to 1 1/2 years out of a pair before they get too worn out. 

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