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Social Media, Haircuts and some Randomness

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So, I don't know if this has been a topic before or not or even if it has been done before but... Social Media is both weird, and fun. I was on TikTok, and the WAP dance or whatever it's called, was on and so I tried it in front of my family and they were surprised when I did a high kick and dropped it low. My ma said, "Oh he's definitely gay." I was like I know. She is gay too. My twin is gay, but my older brother is straight as far as I know. My twin got half her hair shaved, and I shaved my head bald. My hair is growing back so, it looks like I have a buzzcut. I have a necklace with my grandma's ashes in a bullet shaped thing with a ring my grandma gave me and one of her rings, both of them are real so that's good.My ma, twin and older brother had gotten the same type of necklace and bullet shaped thing. My ma joked that my grandma is rolling in her ashes, because my twin got the haircut she wanted. I was like, "Grandma is already rolling in her ashes because I shaved my head, and my twin and I admitting our sexuality. I have forgave my grandma for what she did, so I can move on. A part of me will always miss, and love her. I'm starting love myself as who I am as a whole. I still have a lot to do in the future that I don't know yet but, I'll get through it by being myself. And here is some randomness... I was dancing to a song earlier while being on zoom. My camera was off, of course, but I didn't know that until I stopped and looked at the screen. I was like "Oh thank god. No one saw me dancing but my older brother." Also, my older brother said I was his therapist. I just talk to him, that's about all I do. Plus, help him with whatever he needs when I can. My twin's best friend, and I don't like each other for some bizarre reason, even tho, we were best friends and even dated. But, whatever. The most random TikTok I saw the other day was of a guy wearing a type of bunny outfit with a tu-tu. At the end of the TikTok video, he twerked. It was a little funny.

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