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  1. now personally I like to watch a guy cum.. some like to swallow, I prefer to see it come and watch the look on a guys face when he is comming.. sometimes I think the look turns me on more.. and to have a hot splash on my chest is not that bad either.. what about you?
  2. I happen to like str8 looking/acting guys.. hmm and some str8 guys.. however.. i think what he might mean is that .. and I might be wrong.. but I am personally not into fem type guys at all myself.. I love a str8 acting type bi/gay guy.. sorry guys but if I wanted a woman i would go that way.. and if a guy is acting more like a woman.. I think i would rather have the real thing than a guy who wants to be one.. however to be honest I would rather have the guy.. been there done that.. dont really want to go back.. but as this is in the straight guys area.. I guess I will end this part of t
  3. where is the most exciting.. most daring or most dangerous place you had sex.. of any kind.. Have you jerked it in public...? Have you had sex in an elevator Have you had sex or anything where people can see you.. Have you had sex while your parents were in the next room.. Have you had sex in your own room while your brother is sleeping in the same room? What is the most daring place you WANTED TO have sex.. and btw.. I HOPE A FEW OF YOU WILL COME UP WITH SOME MORE THREADS FOR IN HERE.. I KNOW WE ALL WATCH THEM.. SO LETS ALL GET TOGETHER AND SEE IF WE CAN MAKE THIS SITE .. A GREAT PL
  4. thanks guys.. making it interesting here.. love to hear from you all.. even tho both of you have different opinions.. thats what our sexual world is all about.. I am cut.. and still find that my p***s is very sensitive to touch.. either by hand or by mouth.. I have found that some uncut guys take a bit to get the c**k going.. but once its going dammm.. and uncut guys i have been with seem to get it up faster.. NOT sure what your experiences are.. thanks for your responses.. HEY GUY ,, USE YOUR OWN IMAGINATION AND START ANY NEW THREADS ABOUT YOUR CURIOUS SIDE.. ASK QUESTIONS.. YOU NE
  5. Name: Don AGE: old Style: Lots of it
  6. do you guys find that cum is a turn on.. either being shot on you or your partner.. and there are some that are really into eating their own.. or others.. does this turn you on.. does the HOT SHOT turn you on? i have seen a few vids that show guys cumming in a condom and then dumping it on themselves.. not trying to be gross here.. but wondered.. for some its all about the $$$shot.. (money shot)
  7. how many of you str8 guys.. are just to scared to admit.. that you have had fantasys of being with the same sex.. how many guys have wanted to bring another guy in on their sex with a girl.. and have actually contact with them.. how many guys want to watch another guy with a girl..
  8. what very different things turn you on for masturbation? Have you found something that will turn you on but found out accidentally what kinds of things get you going.. I am sure there are some very weird but satisfying things that get your going.. give us some hints..
  9. do any of you have fantasys of get with only str8 guys.. does the idea of having a "virgin to men" turn you on..
  10. has anyone every thought of getting a PA (prince albert) what do you find attractive or unattractive about body jewelry.. would you consider it and why.. would you like your partner to have body jewelry.. let us know..
  11. Do you think that a guy is more sensitive with a cut or uncut c**k.. would you rather be cut or uncut.. give reason please.. would you rather be with someone that is cut or uncut.. i know this is a poll questions but would like to see some discussion on it.. and IF you are cut would you rather be uncut and visa versa...???
  12. thats sounds good to me.. been there done that.. and it was fun.. so lets see ..
  13. hell I think hockey players are so hot .. in any form of dress.. mostly undressed but.. love to see them in their gear.. anyone got any.. would love to see them.. and if we get some I will make sure we set up a category for them.. Maverick311... ONE of the admins
  14. hmm I dont think you are afreak.. but i dont think you will have many that share your interests in that way.. mind you that is only MY opinion.. I am sure there are many more..
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