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  2. Great pic ty wish I was cooking your hot sagger self something to eat great sag
  3. Today
  4. Thanks and no I never get wet sagging, but maybe I should.
  5. Looking good! You ever get wet sagging? That shirt and underwear would look amazing wet!
  6. Astg94

    A Or B?

    Hanes. Fruit of the loom or Gildan?
  7. Rhubarb custard. Yumm!
  8. maxfli

    A Or B?

    Calvin Klein Hanes or Champion?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Thanks and yeah the briefs do snug my ass and I thought the sweater went well too.
  11. Shower Calvin Klein or American Eagle
  12. Just wanted to say hi bro that I was thinking of you like I do daily I hope things at work are going well and I hope your doing well in all areas of your life bro I care for you deeply 😉😁💕💋🌝

  13. Nice pic ty love the side sag those briefs snug your ass perfectly and the sweater goes well too 😉
  14. blue sweatshirt, black nike compression shorts, black skinny jeans, black trackies.
  15. sag. sag in the bath or sag in the shower?
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