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  2. Regular razor Hairy body or freshly waxed body
  3. Today
  4. Astg94

    A Or B?

    Shaven face… makes me itchy having beard. Electric or regular razor?
  5. I'm back on guys...just was in need of total me time. No FB, no apps just me. Feeling a bit better but it's still there. So what you all been doing? \m/

  6. Smooth legs Shaven ur unshaven face
  7. Prefer neither…but I’ll go with shaving. smooth legs or fuzzy legs
  8. my name is tom i am from new york hit me up


    1. CaptainPanther


      Hi mate welcome to SW. CP here from uk

  9. Board shorts with nothing Shaving or Waxing
  10. Spin class board shorts with boxers or with nothing
  11. Yesterday
  12. maxfli

    A Or B?

    Lassoing Triathlon or Spin class?
  13. Astg94

    A Or B?

    Basketball shorts. Ride a horse or Lassoing?
  14. Hand's down the boxer's Wearing sweatpants without any underwear or Wearing basketball shorts without any underwear
  15. Old Fashion. It a popular old person drink and it popular drink in a bars in Wisconsin
  16. "Dirty martini, dirty bastard" a classic Sam line from SATC. Grime 😂
  17. This was a great Voyager ep where the Docs programme malfunctioned & quite alot of beasties were featured 👇
  18. Please check your inbox fella 😉

    1. animorphus


      Always the highlight to my day when a message from you drops in to my inbox 💙

  19. In a funny mood... Swear it isn't madness ha! 😂 X

    1. relayer00


      Sure, we believe you :)

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