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  2. https://www.welt.de/videos/video143491428/Darum-traegt-Mann-eine-Hose-unter-der-Hose.html
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  4. These guys are literal AIDs https://streamable.com/ht7hmq
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  6. Evening all so I’ve started to sag in grey sweats around the house with my female housemate. Rather low, around half ass to under ass, and she hasn’t said anything about it at all! Not even a pull them up comment 👀 How would you take it? 👀
  7. Yes he does. Not as much as he used to but he still does.
  8. The below c-ck Mac Miller sag from the More Mac Miller thread ... so damn hot!

  9. Calvins, G-Star sag, afos


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  11. 😘

    1. Lee249


      Catch up after your shower & grub. Discount is playing silly beggars. Speak later x




  12. I have worn sagging denim and gotten it wet. It did take forever to dry, and that was on a hot summer day!
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