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  2. maxfli

    A Or B?

    3 Musketeers Reese’s Peanut-butter cup or Thin Mint?
  3. Yesterday
  4. I can't believe that Jac Naylor is bowing out after her 16 year stint on Holby City! She has been a force to be reckoned with over years. Will miss her x


    1. ElCarnicero


      Is Holby City a British TV series?

  5. Do you guys have any YouTubers you watch who sag in their videos regularly (beyond the usual suspects lol)? I love seeing guys who show off their sag casually (whether it be underwear or freeballing). Bonus points if they're shirtless ;) Please share any recommendations! Lookin for some fresh content
  6. No problem. I wore boxers like crazy when I was a kid, and they were great to sag in. I switched over to boxer briefs about the time everyone else did, when they became more readily available. I am on the lookout for some good boxers again, though, though I don't see anything quite like they were when in the '90's. Close, though.
  7. Working from home is great. I get to sag low while I work and wear my flatbill hats. ( I don't have to be on camera for video calls). 

  8. Milky way Mars bar or 3 Musketeers
  9. Massive fan of yours on tumblr also dude 🙂

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    2. CJS90


      cant find him as tumnlr says this feed may content nsfw

    3. Lee249


      Chris, when you view those pages, tap/clink on the onscreen link to see their tumblr mate.


    4. Lee249


      I think Tyler wishes to remain anonymous lol

  10. During lockdown I met a guy online. According to him he sags alot (we've exchanged details) etc. He wants to meet me. I can't do anything just yet obvs.

    Then a message arrived saying to 'nail me' & 'cage me up' NO thank you.

    I like a bit of rope haha, nothing serious. Tied up on occasion like 😊

  11. Laying in bed wanted to be ravished.

  12. maxfli

    A Or B?

    Sinkers bar Milky way or 3 Musketeers?
  13. Last week
  14. Keep positive, keep sagging & rocking! & Don't take any crap off anyone else. 



    1. wxsaggerNick


      F yeah bruh! I have recently been sagging mega low (minimum below a ss, some mid thighs)

  15. No worries dude. It's nice to gain some insight 👍
  16. Not often in history has the world's inhabitants been forced into working together as a global collaboration.

    Long way to go, for all of us, but once the vaccines have taken hold & immunity established everywhere... Life will get better! 

    We can get through these horrific times together as one unit. Unity is powerful. Keep positive & stay safe guys x 



  17. I have already looked at this one, but it would have been really cool to find some that are not ripped-style as well
  18. I had to wake up early due to the snow so I cleaned off my car and leave early for work because of traffic

  19. Chocolate areo Butterfingers, or Sinkers bar
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