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    1. Emohotboy


      Really nice boxers :) 

    2. SaggersRhot


      Those shorts are nice. I wish I could see more of them

  4. Last week
  5. Hellooooo mate. Just wanted to drop by & see how you're doing 😉

    1. Andrew_Smiley94


      Hey man,

      I’m doing well thank you… rainy day here today, ugh… but we’re just starting to get ready to pack for my cousins birthday weekend in Massachusetts.

      Hopefully we’ll have a good time.

       I hope you’re doing good?

  6. Think I need to prove my worth by snapping some pics before I turn in tonight! I'll keep the wanking on hold hehe 😋

  7. Any saggers about fancy a live call? I'm good for an hour or so. Up to you lovely people ❤️😎

  8. Love to trade underwear pics n more message me

  9. Think I need a break from being a sagging ***** x 

    1. Emohotboy


      No Lee249 u are not a sagging *****

    2. Lee249


      Aawwws thanks mate 👍❤️

    3. Lee249


      That was yesterday... I allow things to overwhelm me sometimes. I'm better now & it's all forgotten about ❤️

  10. I'll post some sagging pics if I get a chance but it's asking a lot this evening guys x 

    1. Emohotboy


      Omg Lee249 can not wait to see your sagging pictures u can do it 

  11. Sagging and bed humping


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    2. Lee249


      Lol nice dude 👌

    3. Baggystar


      Oh man... that's the PERFECT saggin' outfit!!! 🥵🥵🥵

      Can't do anything wrong with these hot washed-out Southpoles & sexxy tightie whitie Calvins underneath!

      Dream boy!!! 😍

    4. Tbrsagging


      Mmmm damn so hot love to see u hump in them 

  12. Lesley Smith aka Historian on the later series of Most Haunted was amazing. Loved her ❤️

  13. Forgot to put a belt on this evening & sagged around Wittering below arse. Hope I received some onlookers! I wore my Crosshatch Rainbows. Felt awesome 😁

    1. SaggersRhot


      Sounds nice. I'm sure some guys took notice. Did you take a pic? I'd love to see what it looked like.

    2. Lee249


      Nah, I didn't but kept the jeans low let gravity take over.

  14. A sag is a sag in my book it's not about faces. Hope you guys agree with me on this important statement. I'll still vouch my own ugly mug 🤣 x

    1. Emohotboy


      Totally agree with u 

  15. Really wanna talk to some new peeps 🙂

  16. Earlier
  17. I'd like to believe I'm quite masculine, but damn I love eating pussy. 

  18. shower time 



    1. SaggersRhot


      Your jeans look great wet and the shine of your wet underwear is AMAZING 🤩

    2. Baggystar


      Wish I was there!!! 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  19. Just replied to your DM my bromance lovely 😉

  20. Hey bro!

    How are you?

  21. Just replied to you DM awesome 😎

  22. Just replied to your DM sweetcheeks 🥰😘 x

  23. Loved catching up with @l12336 luv ya mate ❤️

  24. I lost my job recently and have been crying and depressed since. I start a new job today but it's not the same. I absolutely loved my job but I had other people tell me that the boss was thinking I wanted to take his job. I thought they were crazy but I guess maybe they were right and they saw something I didn't see. I feel so disgusted now.

    1. Lee249


      So sorry to hear this sweetie. Starting over again is like a refresher course. You'll soon become aquatinted with it. Stay strong! Forget what happend before 🥰 x

    2. SaggersRhot


      Thank You! I hope this new job last a long time. I met alot of new coworkers today and everyone was so friendly. Thank you for your encouragement, that means alot. 

    3. skatesagman


      Hang in there !

  25. Just woke up it's too warm in my room so I grabbed some water & strolled around in nothing else but boxers feeling liberated guys x

    1. SaggersRhot


      Nice! Did you take any pics?

    2. Lee249


      Unfortunately no on this occasion but good idea! 😏

  26. ****... Feel like I've been dragged through the hedge backwards. My selfie stick is broken too. I'm in a bad situation hahahaha but I did snap a half-decent pic for you lovely chaps 😁👇



    Now i can be sick lol 

  27. Goodluck to all the Eurovision participants this evening! Gonna be fun 🇪🇺✌️x

  28. Just as long as any person swallows my cum ill.let them.give me a.wedgie, just as long as they blow me. 

    1. jonquestor


      So demanding while you’re being wedgied….


    2. wedgiefet420


      Hey, turn my boxer briefs into a g string, for all I care, just suck the life out of me, is all I ask. 

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