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  2. Potato skins Chicken wings or Chicken Drumsticks
  3. Today
  4. Astg94

    A Or B?

    Baked Potatoes. Potato skins or French fries?
  5. Compression Shorts are nice for working out at the gym and running outside it does keep your junk in place but I love the feeling of my ass being exposed of wearing a jockstrap
  6. Carrots Yams or baked potato
  7. Astg94

    A Or B?

    Baked fish. Celery or Carrots?
  8. Roasted vegetables Baked fish or grilled fish
  9. When I was 14 I sort of stole one of my classmate's undie, but I returned as I realized it would be easily traced back to me
  10. white t shirt, red compression shorts, blue jean cutoffs, red soccer shorts.
  11. stones of course. roast veg or salad veg?
  12. Hey Guys, It is that time again! Selling some of my trainers. Here are the links for you all Etnies Jefferson Mens Skate Shoes UK 9 Globe Chase Mens Skate Shoes UK 9.5 DC Mens Trase TX Black/Chili Pepper Red Skate Shoes UK 9 Nike SB Clutch Skate Shoes Mens Size 9.5 Maroon Trainers Vans TB2T Black Chequered Mens Skate Shoes UK 9 VANS Skate Shoes Scotchgard Grey/Black With Faux Fur UK 9.5 VANS Skate Shoes Grey/Blue UK 9
  13. Know your bod... Wish I knew mine.


  14. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Comb (brush is always handy) Pounds or stone? I weigh at 10st bang on. Concerned about my health, which is why I check daily incl BP. It's daft I know. Rather be safe than sorry. Say that to all the ******* numerous GPs I've been passed around in the last year that keep you on the line 1+. Get fed up listening to the same ******* toon playing back at me over & over, it's horrific. Being subjected to that craziness you need a straight jacket before someone actually picks up!
  15. Astg94

    A Or B?

    Croissant. hairbrush or comb?
  16. Beautiful ❤️👇 I believe the Rolling Stones produced this track originally. Cracking tune nonetheless. Enjoy guys 😉
  17. Just read some things on here that made me laugh. Thank you ❤️ x

  18. Yesterday
  19. maxfli

    A Or B?

    Hugging Breakfast sandwich, bagel or croissant?
  20. Astg94

    A Or B?

    Hugging. Hairbrush or Comb?
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