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  2. hang_low

    What size jeans are ur baggiest?

    I don't know I they're the baggiest or not, but I have been wearing size 66 501s lately. My real waist is 42/44.
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  4. Quicknick2011

    Hey guys enter your discord codes

  5. Hi saggerworld community, I am so curious to know if in your city or town, if there is a day called one day without pants in the subway and bus? If yes, how would u react? Would u be h*** as ***? Would u follow that person? So let answer below cause I am so curious, thanks so much for your answer in advance, have a good one.
  6. My new sagging albums are up. Feel free to give and share feedbacks and suggestions with my sagging style  thanks bros. 😑👖

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  9. SaggerMatt

    Favorite Belts

    Actually dunno. Came with a pair of pants, and I don't know what happened to it or the pair of pants.
  10. SaggerMatt

    The Janoskians

  11. ocemi77

    The Janoskians

    funny how the caption on this one was "working hard" when his whole **** is out haha
  12. Mattymmck

    Favorite Belts

    Had? What happened to it ? 😂
  13. Polishsagger1

    A Or B?

    Masturbating with dildo Jerk off in busy bus/train or be caught during sex
  14. New album of me posted yesterday and new album of my boyfriend posted today 😉😉 just awaiting approval!!

  15. Just uploaded a special album with some of your requests. I'm dying to know what you guys think of it so let me know!. Also thinking about doing some tied up or roleplay sagging. What do you think of that? 

  16. sagonly

    COPS / Live PD

    Low sag at 00:48-00:54 and especially 00:59-01:06
  17. Quicknick2011


    Hey Name: Nick Height : 1m93cm Style: casual Weight : 90kg Style : normal Sexuality : bi Hobbys: sagging, sports, travelling, cooking, meet with friends Location : Germany/Hamburg
  18. Twitter @sexysaggeryo

    Follow me for new content! 🔥 

  19. Quicknick2011

    Looking for a sub

    Looking for a sagging sub. If you’re interested, please contact me here or on Kik (nick30HH).
  20. Hello, hope you guys add me at IG @saggervonde ...DM for more 😁😁

  21. Anybody in ft Myers Fl 

  22. Would like to talk about sagging or underwear or experiences. Just write me pm or contact me on Kik

  23. Geemansagger


    Hot Sagging. Love the sagging.
  24. Geemansagger

    Exposed underwear

    I just sagg my pants and my underwear shows all the time..
  25. Pretty bored, pm if you wanna talk sagging underwear or whatever 

  26. Pokemon

    Exposed underwear

    When I first started I would bend down a lot and pull the back of my shirt up slightly. but now that im more comfortable sagging I just expose my underwear with sagging alone
  27. SaggerMatt

    Favorite Belts

    Lookin' really nice!
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