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  2. Hope everyone is having a kick ass day I'm chilling in da house this rain is relentless but I know this weather to well living next to the beach 

  3. My girlfriend accidentally mixed my laundry with her son's laundry and made it my laundry so got his jockstraps, Boxer Shorts boxer briefs, sweatpants, basketball shorts, leggings,
  4. Medium Small or Boy's extra large
  5. Nope you have to be 18 and older to enter the resort but he will go with his girlfriend or boyfriend when he is a senior in high school for his spring break / graduation gift 2023. We need our alone time
  6. Today
  7. Hes definitely beautiful hott sag great bod lovely ass
  8. I agree totally with you😳😬😮😲😯🤔 I see someone getting dentention over this lol
  9. I'm currently listening to a little Duran Duran ,inxs,the cars,going 80's today
  10. I don’t think u are allowed to post pornography on here-
  11. I can't get this toon out of my head guys it's so beautiful ❤️
  12. 0:00 - 2:20 min https://homo.xxx/videos/6466/?ad_sub=336
  13. Hey bro where in Canada are you located? We can hang out if you don't mind or if we are close to each other 

  14. Going shirtless can be hot, especially on a sagger with a nice figure, but i prefer a full clothed sag, leaves something to the imagination and shows off your hot gear.
  15. Petrified 👻😰 I would love to witness a ghostly apparition and shake his hand. Thank you sir for gracing us with your presence. Seriously though, I find the supernatural very interesting. Whenever you go, dead people are walking about just can't see them but don't worry 😜
  16. Todays upload 😂 very happy they did Piers Morgan. The dude is the most obnoxious runt. Enjoy 👇
  17. Astg94

    A Or B?

    Slide on sandals. Medium or Large?
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