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  3. Nothing Electric rotary shave or Electric foil shaver?
  4. maxfli

    A Or B?

    electric razor after shave or nothing?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Astg94

    A Or B?

    Short beard. electric razor or regular razor blades to shave?
  7. Black and white AE flannel boxers, Walmart jeans, and a blue polo shirt:
  8. Last week
  9. Usually its neither but I will go with cologne. Long beard or short beard?
  10. I think that Me Too has brought the attention of men, and women, who have been assaulted and, unfortunately raped, to the for front but its been handled and dealt with poorly. I agree above that some people are doing the calls to simply get attention, especially the ones with no evidence of any kind. But in the case of people that have overwhelming evidence, they should be put on trial and given their day in court. But sadly, some of these people wait so long because of the stigma that you were weak and naive. I see this a lot in the industry I work in, the mining industry, where women are
  11. Anyone can commit sexual violence, so the law should apply to all people, regardless of their age, position, or financial status. But only those truly guilty of sexual violence should be punished. Increasingly today, some girls falsely accuse men of sexual violence in order to get easy money. I, too, was once accused of sexual abuse (but I didn't do anything illegal). To prove my innocence helped me, https://ucmjdefense.com/marine-corps-military-defense-lawyers-court-martial-attorneys.html. Thanks to them, I have no problems with the law.
  12. I believe that if there was sexual harassment, it is necessary to immediately talk about it.
  13. Two dogs in the family, a german shepherd and a husky wheaten terrier mix.
  14. Astg94

    A Or B?

    After Shave. When you finish shaving, you use Cologne or after shave?
  15. Scented detergent. Anti-perspirant or After shave?
  16. Who in here has pets? Here is my Great Dane/Mastiff mix dog, Bella, and my Norwegian Forest cat, Maddie.
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