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  3. Hey awesome 👍 I can't wait to have a live call with you ❤️

  4. Yesterday
  5. Just posted a few pics. Enjoy guys 😉

    1. maxfli


      Enjoyed very much! 😜

  6. When and where is gonna be the # saggerparty2024? Just so curious to know pretty sure u gonna have a great time with lots of saggers and pictures lol 

    1. jace


      Kicks off May 31.  It gonna be good,  over full house of hotties lined up for this year

  7. Last week
  8. Jo Whiley just informed me that it's a leap year... Interesting. 

  9. I have broken my arm, but that hasn’t stopped me sagging 😋

    1. tracksuitsaggeruk
    2. Lee249


      Glad to have spoken to you earlier after I got home. I was on my way back from Pboro Hospital. How are you finding it when trying to sag? Thanks mate x

    3. Emohotboy


      Exactly, be healthy and continue to sagging so low please 

  10. Instagram: Diego96_og

  11. There's a murderer on the loose running around my neighborhood 

    1. Sagger.LMJ


      A few months back we had a guy a few houses down who barricaded himself in his own home for a couple hours after attempting to kill his ex. It was insane 

    2. Lee249


      Anyone called the cops???? Needs to be pinned down & thrown in the back of a van. 

  12. My sheets are gonna be white soon with all that yummy spunk. 

    1. maxfli


      Do send some pics please!! 

    2. Lee249


      Only if you cum in my mouth 😏

  13. You're always AMAZING! Love it buddy thanks. Much love ❤️ xx 

    1. maxfli


      Ohhh thanks sweetie! 🥰

    2. Lee249


      It's always a pleasure when we're concerned 😉 luv ya x 

  14. new album waiting for approval 


    1. Emohotboy


      Really nice sagging album, showing your nice hot red boxers and Nike shoes 

    2. Andrew_Smiley94


      Very nice album! The approval is no longer needed since October of 2023. So once you post anything, it’ll go through. 👍

  15. As I couldn't sleep, I kinda took some raunchy pics 🤭

    1. animorphus


      And when am I gonna see them? 😜😈 xx

  16. My snap is @david-nck

  17. I haven't been online due to personal circumstances but I'll cum whenever I can hehe. I like a big c**k 😜

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    2. Lee249


      Thanks for your support guys ❤️

    3. jonquestor


      Always here for you….

    4. Lee249


      It means the world to me that I'm not alone. Already cried loads x 

  18. Any guys want to discuss our favorite female wedgie vids across the web? 

  19. Earlier
  20. New album wearing my favorite CKs after three days in a row with them on! You would all love what I'm smelling here ;)


  21. Once again, yesterday, I saw a black guy walking with his two other black friends, sagging in the middle of the ass showing black boxers and he were wearing all in black lol 

  22. Every occasion I come here, I get stiff. 

    1. SaggersRhot


      Join the club, buddy! Alot of us do that

    2. Emohotboy


      Excuse me would like to know what the world stiff mean? English is not my first language 

    3. Lee249


      @Emohotboy it's getting ahead of the head. Been a while since.

      Stiff mean you've got a big mouthful with my **** shoved in 🤣

  23. When saggin was just the norm 


  24. The secret to this life is saggin ur pants!  If u ain't saggin you ain't cool! The lower you sag the cooler you are.


    1. Emohotboy


      Totally agree with you 👍 

    2. Lee249


      I'll bare that admission in mind 😜

  25. Sag ur pants bro 

  26. And if they ever tell you

    Pull yo pants up

    Tell them

    Mind yo own business 

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    2. JoeBoxerSagger


      I be saggin like

      Yeah you looking at my boxers with ur mouth half open like u about to say something



      Might as well have some dope boxers for them to stare at 😜

    3. Emohotboy


      Would like to stare at your boxers and ass mmm 

    4. JoeBoxerSagger


      Fukk yeah bro!

  27. Which is better

    Sagging your pants


    Letting your pants sag

  28. When ur pants r saggin and ur boxers start showing

    Remember ur a sagger

    And ur sagging ur pants

    Let that fill you up with pride 

    Sag ur pants low let ur boxers show and be proud 

  29. DM sent beautiful ❤️ either way,, I'm chuffed as things stand because you're a great bloke! 


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