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Found 21 results

  1. Hey, Scenario: The Vamps are participating in a celeb edition of the Take Me Out game show. Ofcourse, along with various talented group musicians in the business. The Vamps beat the other contenders vying for your affections. Now the catch is, you're allowed just one of these hotties. We can't have everything or everyone in this case Bradley Simpson: Tristan Evans: James Mcvey: I wanna take Tristan out. Gimme, gimme, gimme LOL Hope ya'll are having a fab weekend!
  2. Damn this guy is fit! Vids are a couple of years old who cares it's all about him mmmm @ 2.04 His sag is so exciting in this next vid Then there's this hot one - OMG that belt and the way he's wearing them jeans hot hot hot 🔽 I wouldn't say no to that ass if you get me drift
  3. Justin Bieber for a few seconds gladly lifts his shirt during the live show. Go ahead and tell me he's not making a fashion statement Note* Pics can be found of these light-blue boxerbriefs in his thread on the Sagging Discussion forum.
  4. Justin runs into trouble up the stairs narrowly avoiding his pants dropping off completely. He REALLY needed to grab onto them here. Aww bless!
  5. Any of you going to the flicks? Two cutie male leads are shown shirtless in the trailer. It appears to be a rather entertaining kinda film. Methinks one of them is actually a former skins cast member because he looks familiar like.
  6. Hi ya saggers, Tomorow (Thurs) the band are going to perform in the Tunbridge Wells area as part of the official switch on. So if you live in or around those parts call in but make sure to report back to us! Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, Do you know what happened to their site? I visited everyday to catch a glimpse of the SOTD image and often commented in the comment box. Thanks.
  8. Hey folks, Any of you experienced this? The console isn't reading any of my disks and i have completely cleaned it out but no luck. It powers up fine as usual however all my games can't be read So is there anything else i can do? Much appreciated.
  9. Richard Branson's strategy to send people into space is really happening within a couple of years. The trouble is..... It will cost you £1million! On the news months back, a guy paid 700,000 much to the disbelief of his wife. Me dad said the shuttle/ship will travel around the planet doing a full 24 hr rotation before coming back down to earth *pun*
  10. A shop assistant is standing behind the counter serving customers whilst sagging in skinny jeans (white belt)Everytime he leans forward or bends over, his shirt becomes raised and reveals a good boxerbriefs sag. The brand is unknown to me but there is a green waistband.
  11. Hi guys, Who are your favourite tennis players? These can include those you simply admire watching. My choices - Men - Federer, Nadal, Murray, Del Potro, Tsonga and Rod****. Welldone Andy on singles gold Women - Azarenka, Sharapova, Williams (Serena) Clijsters and Stosur. I LOVE both Maria and Serena! Shame the olympic final was so one-sided like. We'll miss Clijsters after the US Open when she retires
  12. I'm kinda shy about posting this thread because i don't know how it will be recieved. Quite embarrased (blush) The first time i watched voyager had been by pure chance flicking through other channels. The ship was in the midst of an almighty battle with aliens called the kazon. What made voyager special is that the ship was lost 70,000 light years in a far distant galaxy called the delta quadrant. With no means of communication to starfleet they were left alone to explore unchartered areas of space. Are there other voyager fans?
  13. One Direction are on the daybreak sofa being interviewed. The newsreaders confront Liam Payne over his low-riding pants. A classic!
  14. Hey, Just wondering who has seen it? Another what looks to be a fantastic sci-fi prequel to Alien from Ridley Scott. Charlize Theron has still got it for an older chick. If you've not seen the Italian Job remake (2001) check this girl out already! She's hot.
  15. Hey folks, Yup, it's that time of the year when we are packing our suitcases for the airport and leaving the country. What holidays do you have planned or booked? Where have you been on your travels? Do share. Thanks. On a family holiday back in 2004 during the sixth form year we flew to Spain and spent the whole week in Alicante. I was worried about not being able to hand in my last leisure & tourism assignment. I did unfinished but still got a C after taking the summer exams. What are your stories?
  16. * Romania * Denmark * Spain * Germany * FYR Moldova FYR Moldova's song is the one i liked the most. I fell in love with it during the 2nd euro semi-final. Amazing. Anyone going for the Russian grannies LMAO! Who are you voting for? Ps, plz vote for us the UK. I BEG you
  17. A clever and enjoyable clip that features a dude constantly switching up his sag. You'll see what i mean. Not one to miss! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrmibEWyN5E
  18. Hi guys, So we've had the likes of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, food etc. Now it's the turn of alcohol. My favourite is a pint of strong cider. It's one of those you can stretch without becoming too drunk! Lol. On the piss, i'll drink spirits like sambuca, vodka or JD shots. I always start off slowly and ease me way into it with a couple of ciders before knocking them back. Sensible!
  19. Hey, Two promo watches in for the French Open ad on itv and the sound grew on me. It isn't normally my music bag but i really liked what i had heard. Do you know who or what it is? Any help given is much appreciated. Thank you
  20. Hi guys, I have fallen for a guy who makes me feel great inside but is straight and not gay. He gives me butterflies and i cannot spend too much time away from him at work. It's like i have to somehow be in his company or close by lol. Unfortunately, i seem to be in a dilemma cuz i can't simply switch off these strong feelings. Please help
  21. I was on their website and noticed that Sports Direct sell brightly coloured Lee Cooper undies. May come as a surprise but i thought Lee Cooper manufactured mainly jeans and t-shirts! So i've ordered meself a pair of sexy boxerbriefs Btw, their online sale indicates that Lee Cooper boxerbriefs are less that £3 each. Best get them while you can folks.
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