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    Found on youtube
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    Hey everyone! Follow my Xtube and Onlyfans for new videos and other content
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    Hey Guys, So as you are all aware, since we have completed some back end updates and implemented the HTTPS on the site, we have been unable to use the chat system that we found after IPS stopped the integrated software on the site. I know that this has caused a issue for some, along with people getting disheartened thinking that we were not interested in bringing a chat back. This is not the case at all and it has just been a struggle to find anything that is suitable, especially for a forum. We have been trolling through many different versions and all have not been acceptable or cost a significant figure. I am pleased to say however, we have now found a chat system that we are happy with and that we would invite you to all join! Unfortunately the system is not able to be integrated into this site and so will be running on a separate tab on your PC, BUT the bonus is, you can also install a FREE Mobile App on both Android and IOS devices!! Alot of people have asked about this in the past and so this is something that can be done! We have chosen the chat software Discord. To join the new chat system, please click THIS INVITE LINK so that you can register with the chat system. I do KINDLY ask that when registering, you register with the SAME username as on this site. I have placed a button on the header page of the site, HOWEVER you must register with the link above first before this will give you access to the chat room. We have created two chat pages, Sagging Chat and General Chat for you to join in the bulk conversation. We also have a Voice Chat Room, this is so when you click on it, you will start transmitting voice to talk with anyone else in this public chat room. Not only that but you can of course send Private Direct Messages via this system to anyone that is registered along with doing Video and Voice Calls to these people! You can also send photos in both Public Chats and Private Chat Rooms. Please note, there is a BOT currently in place that is looking to stop anyone spamming to keep it good for all. We do apologise for how long it has taken to come up with something! However, we hope that you like this version now. I for one do and love that you can have the mobile app available too for this. I of course welcome any feedback etc and look forward to seeing you all join the chat. If you experience any issues with either the system, or with people in it, please PM either me or @TheOther1 and we will be glad to assist. Thanks again for your patience.
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    hey guys my instagram is @saggerlow23 follow me haha
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    Went through there instagrams. Don’t know if these have already been posted yet or not.
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    A lot of nice sags in the music video. Don't know what they're saying.
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    Hey, All of You Guys, THANK YOU for all the work in locating and installing the new chat system. It's interesting that you may not have realized how often how many of us use it . . . and had been away during the hiatus. Like Tylersagger says, it looks like it will take a bit to get fully comfortable with it, but the added features sure will make it worth the effort. Thanks for keeping up this great site . . . and now, for the new chat feature. YOU GUYS ARE APPRECIATED . . . far more than we bother to tell you. So, keep on being appreciated!
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    Ae Rub For Luck undies. I'm on a promise tonight hahahaha
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    Discord is pretty simple to use though more complicated than the previous things we have used due to its added functionality. But it's a great chat platform and if people want to do video calls or send pics then they can do that as well.
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    Burton skinny Jean's, grey superdry t short, Adidas trainers & crosshatch black label boxerbriefs
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    You all need to check this one out!
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    When I was about 19 I used to help a lady I knew with graphic design stuff. She had a son about my age who lived with her, and he was incredibly hot. One morning I was sitting in her kitchen helping her with a project, and the son walked in in his boxers, having just got out of bed. I nearly died. Anyway, another time when he was out of the house, I went upstairs to use the toilet, and had a sneaky look in his underwear drawer. The drawer had a label on it that said "sexy pants"! It was just begging me to have a peek
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    New winter Sag album sent in second one of 2019. Stay tuned guys
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    Snow day-sag day? 12” of snow calls for some indoor sagging. Not the only 12” I’d like to have today 🀭😏😏
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    Thats really hot, and there is no problem to keep them at least for some days and then give it back. I often wear my flatmates underwear when I know he will be out for some time. He is a hot straight guy, very fit and with the biggest **** I have ever seen. We do laundry together, so its kind of easy to take some pics and wear his boxers for a while (as I am right now, ******* hard as every time I wear them). The most amazing thing is that his boxers on the dirty basket are almost always with cum ( I believe he always cleans himself with own underwear). God, it makes me so horny to smell, lick and wear his underwear! I'm a lucky guy

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