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    04:42 - 05:30 08:05 - end
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    I like this topic I got yet another new belt in the mail a few days ago, been wearing it a lot:
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    This video randomly popped up on YouTube. It's a positive story about a bullied boy who eventually got some help from two friends. One of those friends (the darker one) has a nice sag going on throughout the video:
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    Home frow work. Gotta sag straight away
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    His pants are getting lower and lower and he doesn't pull them up 😍
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    What are your favorite belts to wear when sagging jeans? Mine is the MCM in gold or silver. Nice and thick, good contrast and draws attention to the right spot
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    If I gave you an atomic wedgie then gave you a front wedgies and then hung you by your undies what would you do to me?
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    I would like to see you try after that wedgie
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    https://twitter.com/famousleeko/status/1207161196715159552 πŸ˜‹
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    OMGss. I knew i would re-discover my second family again πŸ˜‰ Lee is back in the building lol
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    Super hot sag at 01:09 - 02:09:
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    funny how the caption on this one was "working hard" when his whole **** is out haha
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    I just sagg my pants and my underwear shows all the time..
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    Um, isn’t that the whole point of sagging?
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    Just got these new 11 degrees jeans and had to sag in them right away please make sure to leave a comment I love reading them
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    Same. I masturbated in my class today and my ex bf caught me doing it and decided to take me into the bathroom and screwed me good. Then, I was in my dorm and he pinned me down and gave me hickies all over my body before ******* me hard and long.
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