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  1. Yeah, it's not snowboarding, but this forum looks like the best place to put this. My skipants are loose fitting at the best of times, and I neglected to bring a belt for my ski pants when I went skiing on Saturday, and was wearing slippery track pants underneath, so they kept sliding down. The crotch of my skipants stayed down to my knees no matter how many times I tried to hike them up. Plus there was plenty of sagging to check out on the hill. Ever check out the dudes who sag their skipants when boarding so their sweats are visible over the top, and have snow sticking to the sweats from sitting down on the hill?
  2. wetwill

    What Web Browser Do You Use?

    Chrome Win7 32 bit. I keep meaning to try Firefox again. HAve to get all the addons setup. Don't have a smartphone but have an ipod.
  3. wetwill

    Imminent Threat To Sagging

    Interesting. . . At work we wear one piece boilersuits. All sorts of men getting dirty while working hard. They look nothing at all like these.
  4. wetwill

    Who Drives On Sw?

    I got my licence when I turned 16. I know people who didn't get it till later on when they required it, and other people at 28 still without one. They may not be needed in cities with good transit systems, but the town I live in is 1.5h from a real city and has no transit and my work is 15km from town so I need a car. I recommend people get a licence early, take drivers ed(for insurance break and save parents sanity), and get and stay listed as a secondary driver on your parents car. That way if you eventually buy your own car, insurance won't be rediculous.
  5. wetwill

    Sagging Wet Sweats

    No. Freeballing the bballs
  6. wetwill

    Sagging Wet Sweats

    I went in the bathtub with sagging sweatpants on
  7. wetwill

    Jeans or Trackies?

    Trackies no contest.
  8. I’m always reading all sorts of stories of people that steal pairs of shorts from roommates, friends, laundry rooms, etc. While I do see something kind of hot in it, I think it’s somewhat unethical to nick someone’s shorts, and I’m not brazen enough to do it, until today. So one of the guys at work is absolutely hot. Well built, tall, good looking, etc. He’s leaving the company, so today he was cleaning out his desk. One drawer he opened up, pulled out a pair of yellow basketball shorts and a water bottle, and without looking chucked them in the garbage can. From what I saw of them they looked perfectly fine, not quite sure why he chucked them out, thinking that he’s in the middle of a move and couldn’t be bothered. Right in the middle of this office of seven, in this garbage can, lay a wonderfully sexy pair of basketball shorts from a well built jock that I knew HAD TO BE MINE. No problem I thought. The cleaners normally go through in the evening, so I just have to stay at work a little later than everyone else, quickly yank them from the trash, and they’re mine. Lunch rolls by; I take a peak in the garbage can. Under a banana peel, some wrappers and coffee cups, I still saw the sparkling yellow material peaking out. No one else has nicked them. The fact that they are covered in garbage wasn’t going to slow me down. Mid afternoon rolls by and the worst case scenario happens. The cleaners came early and there were still other people in the office. I could do nothing but sit there helpless as the bag was changed in the garbage can. The worst of it was he had stopped working there a couple weeks ago, and just came to pick up his stuff. I already thought he was gone for good. Had I known that he left a present in his desk, I would have searched it earlier.
  9. wetwill

    Clothing Lottery

    what material are the trackies made out of? That will greatly determine my desired outcomes. How would going swimming affect the matter?
  10. Industrial environment. He either wore them under his coveralls, or was planning on going to a gym after work. Thinking of a career change based solely on being able to go to work in bball shorts?
  11. wetwill

    "Accidental" sagging while skiing

    Some would say the same about simply walking.
  12. I trim with an electric trimmer. Can't stand a forest, but completely shaved seems weird. Once I nicked my ball sack with the timmer. It kind of hurt. I also trim my pit hair. You can actually get body hair trimmers.
  13. ED28 White trackies are a must!
  14. http://archives.cnn.com/2000/HEALTH/03/29/gay.fingers/ There is other studies looking at levels of estrogen in the womb. Some look at how being a younger child with older brothers increases the probability of being gay. Hormones during pregnancy can drastically change things during this crucial part of development. I believe gayness is a combination of genetic predisposition, with environmental stuff like hormones. As well, I don’t think everyone is gay for the same reason. Wouldn’t say always. That’s still trying to look at binary absolutes. Gays may tend to gravitate towards female friends moreso than straight guys, and it may be over stuff like being able to talk about boys. I relate better with, and have more male friends (gay and straight) than female friends.
  15. You’ll find a lot of different answers of what guys are attracted to. I like a variety of guys. I tend to like fairly “masculine†guys. After all if I liked very feminine guys then I might as well like girls. I like a nice amount of muscle (but not too much), and a bit of “tough guy†(of which I think the sagging fits in). At the same time I like some guys that are a little “in touch†with their feminine side with nice hair and stuff, but I don’t like really really fem guys. As far as whether gays and girls like the same guys, a lot of gays and their straight female friends go guy watching together. There’s little evidence to support that guys are gay because they were mothered too much, or had non-existent fathers. My mom, although not butch or anything, is not an extremely womanly woman. There’s more evidence to support guys are gay due too being exposed to too much of the wrong hormones while their mom was pregnant.
  16. wetwill

    Is sagging gay or something ?

    Yeah. Social 'norms' seem to forbid a guy complimenting another straight guy, yet women do it all the time. I think this is moreso the case in North America. There's nothing wrong with a straight guy appreciating another guy's style in the "Wow I want to dress like that" way.
  17. wetwill

    Is sagging gay or something ?

    I'm being serious. Some people find sagging a turn on. Look at these threads: http://saggerworld.com/community/showthread.php?t=103 http://saggerworld.com/community/showthread.php?t=809 http://saggerworld.com/community/showthread.php?t=774 And the following is an example of of comments posted to people's photos: It generally deals with looking at guy's butts, and generally gay guys like looking at other guys butts ANYWAYS. Think cleavage for guys. Add onto that, just Google "Fetish". Here's some links to get you started: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_fetishism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clothing_fetish A fetish may seem completely bizarre to an outside observer, as you said, "it's just a way to wear pants", but can really be a turn on. Other people get turned on by shoes. I know there's some guys here that are turned on by skater shoes. I'm not trying to scare you away, just be warned that a lot of people around here are like the above.
  18. wetwill

    Is sagging gay or something ?

    I should also mention that (as far as I know) everyone's welcome here, gay or straight. If we can help you sag, it'd be our pleasure. Just don't be surprised that there's a lot of gay guys here.
  19. wetwill

    Is sagging gay or something ?

    I'm gay. People who are gay come in all shapes and sizes. For every gay 'queen' there's someone who seems 'normal' aside from the fact that they like guys. Welcome to the world of stereotypes us fags face every day. I don't think most saggers are gay, nor do I think there's anything wrong a straight guy looking at / admiring another guy's sag. As someone else said, guys check other guys all the time to keep up with fashion. Straight guys generally have no reason to talk and share pictures about sagging such that they'd be able to keep enough traffic on a forum about it. The reason why I think there's so many gays here is we "really like" other guy's sags, and looking at pictures is like looking at porn. Hope that helps.

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