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  1. Chrome Win7 32 bit. I keep meaning to try Firefox again. HAve to get all the addons setup. Don't have a smartphone but have an ipod.
  2. Interesting. . . At work we wear one piece boilersuits. All sorts of men getting dirty while working hard. They look nothing at all like these.
  3. I got my licence when I turned 16. I know people who didn't get it till later on when they required it, and other people at 28 still without one. They may not be needed in cities with good transit systems, but the town I live in is 1.5h from a real city and has no transit and my work is 15km from town so I need a car. I recommend people get a licence early, take drivers ed(for insurance break and save parents sanity), and get and stay listed as a secondary driver on your parents car. That way if you eventually buy your own car, insurance won't be rediculous.
  4. I went in the bathtub with sagging sweatpants on
  5. you're very beutiful, i love your pics :)

  6. Damn dude, your bball sags are always gettin me so hot. You should take some pics shirtless in some bballs for us horn dogs on here. ;]

  7. How was ur weekend?

  8. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! Hope all is well with yew!

  9. very nice bball shorts there and i love the sag would love to chat sometime on my pro it gives what messengers i use

  10. what material are the trackies made out of? That will greatly determine my desired outcomes. How would going swimming affect the matter?
  11. Industrial environment. He either wore them under his coveralls, or was planning on going to a gym after work. Thinking of a career change based solely on being able to go to work in bball shorts?
  12. Do you have MSN want to talk? :)

  13. I’m always reading all sorts of stories of people that steal pairs of shorts from roommates, friends, laundry rooms, etc. While I do see something kind of hot in it, I think it’s somewhat unethical to nick someone’s shorts, and I’m not brazen enough to do it, until today. So one of the guys at work is absolutely hot. Well built, tall, good looking, etc. He’s leaving the company, so today he was cleaning out his desk. One drawer he opened up, pulled out a pair of yellow basketball shorts and a water bottle, and without looking chucked them in the garbage can. From what I saw of them
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