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  1. Luke Hemmings had a perfect style back in the years; one can very seldom see girls/women in such tight jeans - and frankly, he's also quite perfect guy generally as well, at least aesthetically.
  2. Nice style by this guy: https://www.tiktok.com/@euforioo He also has Onlyfans account(s) with his also sagging BF.
  3. These guys with super skinny jeans make me quite+ horny.
  4. I think this is a big questionable issue. How do you like moustache? I prefer hareless guys generally, but like trimmed hair. I was drunk as F**** today, and am I, so decided to make some mustache - I am super happy with this regardless of everything. What do you think? Mustache or not?
  5. I wan tGym Guy Sam so much. He is so pretty and has perrect style.
  6. Here's my recent contirbution to the thread. Some lycra coming soon. I love these skinny Legend London jeans. 😍
  7. You might know my obsession to band boys, needed to share some of that with you guys. I was browsing for band boy pics and found few hot of Nathan. Especially I love the ones where he is sagging so low with white shirt, but trying so damn hard to hide his boxers, almost succeeding. I don't personally get why he tried so hard. 😏
  8. I think this is better than any sag be almost. 😍
  9. I see it differently - sagging is showing more by dropping pants and wearing those shorts is adding more, then spoiling the views. But naturally this is not a topic for a debate, so only joking.
  10. Yeah, that's a bit strange - I think the shorts are spoiling all the best views. 😒
  11. I must admit I have this one in addition to one for for sagging - I prefer both equally. Fit guys in tight gear - what could be better, other than maybe low sagging. 😆 Anybody else having same kind of tendencies? What would a post be without examples, so couple of below.
  12. krpp

    Zach Clayton

    He's getting so hot. 😍
  13. Thanks guys. Need to say that I have some bad experiences from online dating generally, but that's the only way I see I can easily start being how my life is. However, not dreaming about dating sagging guys, since pretty much nobody sags here anyways. 😃
  14. Hi guys - first of all I've been lurking here quite a long time since I've been into sagging since 18's. Back then I was actually a quite a hot sagger and was sagging quite a bit. Nowadays not so hot generally as far as I know, but still having quite nice ass etc. as well, though not sagging too much since life in general does not allow that. Anyway, I've been dating and living with women so far, but I think time has come to make some changes in life since I'm just not interested in that currently and I want hot guys so much. I'm not particularly young anymore - 34. I was thinking that
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