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  1. nhnnok

    Sports and Recreation

    haha, nice. Which site do you play hearts on? LOLz! Love it—practice makes perfect, alas. Mario Party's one of my favorite games ever... haha, ever since I first played on N64!
  2. nhnnok

    Sports and Recreation

    haha, there you go. And you can take care of your 'pitched tent' with wiiJackin'—the wiimote's girth feels about right, no? lol
  3. nhnnok

    amazing beauty

    damn. that's the stuff
  4. nhnnok

    Sports and Recreation

    lol ack, I think you're definitely onto something.... something big.
  5. nhnnok

    Sports and Recreation

    I might have to change my response - do the wii versions of any of these count?? hehehe No beer pong?? I'm kinda offended lol.
  6. nhnnok

    Can a sag be too low?

    Hahahha. I love it... The possibilities are endless! Maybe just quadruple sag all the way down to your shoes w/o jeans?
  7. nhnnok

    Can a sag be too low?

    c'mon y'all, this might be the future of sagging! hahah As far as the lowness threshold, I think if you have to hold your pants as you walk in order to keep them up, they're a bit too low and not that attractive. If you just need to pull 'em up every now and again that's hot, and functional. But I guess that also depends on sizing. Anyway, I agree with all the underwear and shirt length comments above.
  8. Usually just in boxer briefs, no shirt. When it's cold though, I wear pjs (w/o undies) and an old shirt to bed. ahhh so cozy I reckon I've only slept nude once or twice.. ha

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