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  1. So this morning it was early and decided to have a smoke, but didn't feel like getting fully dressed. But didn't know that the garbage men hadn't come through yet. Needless to say, the one guy throwing trash in saw me sitting there in my white boxerbriefs and t. I could tell he saw, because as they drove away he was saying something to other guy on the back and kept looking back at me. It was kind of fun to know those guys saw me with no pants on. Any one else ever have sometning like that that happen to them?
  2. Went out to have a smoke last night and didn't feel like putting pants on. I'm standing there in my white ck boxerbriefs and as I'm almost finish I notice someone parked out on te street sitting in their car. I know they saw me Cuz there's s light on the corner of my building and partially lights the area.
  3. Standing there like that is hot. Knowing that people are actually looking at you or seeing you in you underwear.
  4. That sounds like fun. What did you guys do then chilling in just your boxerbriefs??
  5. Can't really say much Cuz I'm inside... Just have the door open. Now the time I went outside and my ex caught me was a little different
  6. Yea they are. Especially after being caught the first time. Then it makes it more fun doing it again. Standing in the door way in my white ck boxerbriefs and a little chubby going on. Can't do it too often though as I'm sure he's getting suspicious.
  7. Oh no. He's no old perv mailman. He's younger and awkwardly cute. I've planned it a couple times to have that happen
  8. That's what happens when you show up late with the pizza. I've already been sagging right about my **** when I've had a pizza delivered or chinese. It's always hot showing off underwear to a random stranger. Nothing beats being caught completely with no pants tho.
  9. I was smoking one day with the front door open standing in the door way in just my white ck boxerbriefs. All of s sudden the mail man turns the corner and catches me standing there in just my underwear. He handed me my mail and went on his way. A little bit later there was a knock at my door, I opened it and here he must have forgotten to deliver a package. I walked out to get it and he was in the mail truck catching another glimpse.
  10. Have you ever been caught in just your underwear?
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