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  1. I have both of my ears pierced, got them done when I was 18, have diamond studs that I wear
  2. I think you're hot as **** though 😜
  3. 12-13 I think. I was wearing tight shorts and sagging them so they were tight against my dickk and I just realized it felt kinda good so I started thrusting my hips forward and it created friction against my crotch and it felt weird but so good so I kept going and when I felt like I was going to cum I thought I needed to piss so I went to the bathroom but nothing came out haha
  4. I've been told I have a cute little bubble butt
  5. I masturbate in multiple ways, but one of my favorite ways is wearing soft bball shorts, sagging in them, and then just laying down and humping the bed. Otherwise, I like to sag and pull my dickk out through the hole in my boxers or boxer briefs and stroke while I'm sagging in jeans or something
  6. Gretta Garbo Half ass or below ass sag?
  7. So I'm 19, and have always thought sagging was hot. Every time I'd see a guy sagging his pants or shorts I couldn't help but look and sometimes get a hard on. I've recently wanted to start sagging, but some advice would help. What kind of underwear is best? How low should I sag (at home, at work, in general) and should I wear a belt or not? Is it normal to get hard while sagging? Thanks guys
  8. I stole my cousin's boxers once. Sagged and jerked off in them. It was hot
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