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  1. If this does not belong here, I will delete it. I want to know if anyone else on Saggerworld has strained or bad relationships with their parents or family? My mom has been, for nearly all of my life, has been emotionally abusive to me and my father was basically an absentee parent. My mom is also controlling, demanding, and basically had me to prove she could be just like her high achieving siblings. My moms siblings have kids, my cousins, who like to play the “Im better than you” game and treat me like blue collar garbage. To top that off, my dad is very weak willed around wome
  2. I’ll tie you up😉
  3. I don’t like the feeling of being loose. I also love the feeling of tight underwear.
  4. Slip ons. I don’t like tying. laces or velcro
  5. That is my dream car.
  6. Double sagging two pairs of shorts and wearing a shirt with a poncho, and my black DC skateshoes.
  7. I have no leather. Too expensive
  8. Watermelon! salted or not salted?
  9. Neither. Eww oranges or grapefruit?
  10. Jelly. peanut butter or almond butter?
  11. Runny egg yoke. That is absolutely delicious! poached or fried eggs?
  12. I don’t like the mess so I cum into an old dirty pair that I can throw in the laundry.
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