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  1. I used to wear briefs but I prefer long boxer briefs. 6”-9” inseam.
  2. I started a Twitter(Im still going to call it that) that is on the naughty side. 😈 Your all welcome to see it but please be over 18 years old. I show off my sagging, my time with my BF, and my fetishes.
  3. Dark blue underarmour undies with dark grey drop crotch pants and a baggy red shirt. Also wearing my baggy hoodie.
  4. I don’t shave down there but I trim on occasion when it looks bad. So I guess bushy. Hot tub or hot spring.
  5. My boyfriend is quite the expert sucker and every time I have shot a load, he says its been hitting the back of his throat. That makes me shoot even harder.
  6. Had a dream the other night that I was bodybuilder who had grown so big he couldn’t move, basically immobile. I also had a huge c**k that my boyfriend was continuously servicing in a room that had cameras to broadcast the scene.
  7. I swim in my underwear with my board shorts below butt and above bulge all the time. Its hot to see a guys butt with underwear clinging tightly to it.
  8. I wish I had a drawer just dedicated to underwear but I don’t have that many pairs. I need to get more one of these days when I don’t have crushing credit card debt.
  9. My baggiest brown car-harts with blue shorts and blue athletic undies
  10. Pouring every afternoon up here at the mine. Other than that Its quite nice.
  11. Watching this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b1reY72ktEc
  12. On the school uniforms part I do agree as those schools tend to be very strict on dress code. And @Anonan is right, go with baggy stuff until you are comfortable sagging at school and then go to the style that you like.
  13. Oval. No need to be an ordinary circle. triangle or star?
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