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  1. Sagging..funny that! Suits and preferably both at same time! If I'm getting a master round I'll leave the door on the latch, suit up and leave myself exposed in a hanging wedgie. Sir will come in and humiliate me and I will obey
  2. Haha I feel that! Was always so hot seeing underwear on show at the desk next to you Thing is I probably would get told off if my shirt were untucked for too long. I find it alright actually. Usually sat at my desk so doesn't affect me too much. And nice ethikas!
  3. Thanks! I'll try and get a pic! Do you think it looks alright? I guess it's just me going again the corporate culture aha
  4. Okay, thanks for the feedback! I think my tie there is a bit short anyway hence the bit underneath being a bit longer but reminds me of the cool kids at school that would walk around with short ties and low trousers! Kind of owe it to them Don't believe anyone's really said anything but even if it is tucked in with a thin white shirt you can see the undies through it. And nothing too fancy, usually topman
  5. Thanks! What do you think about the tie length? I quite like how there's plenty of shirt under the tie so it's obvious that I'm sagging. Or do you think I should make my tie go down to my trousers? It's kind of fun seeing how low I can go with my shirt tucked in and I definitely get glances when my pink undies go on show at the office
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