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  1. I got Versace boxer briefs for the first time. I was not impressed, they're not comfy. Didn't live up to the hype & not worth the cost, luckily I got them on sale. American Eagle are nice, but the colour fades quickly in my experience. I've just ordered a load of Ethikas. Hope they are as got as everybody claims them to be.
  2. Would you sag this? https://www.calvinklein.co.uk/boxer-briefs-ck-deconstructed-000nb3485a100 https://www.calvinklein.co.uk/boxer-briefs-ck-deconstructed-000nb3485a100 https://www.calvinklein.co.uk/hip-briefs-ck-deconstructed-000nb3481a100
  3. I just had to scrub my carpet as I was so horny I spunked far across the room.
  4. They are usually for 'no show', which is not what us saggers want.
  5. Reminds me of this Tom Green segment. Loved this show. So funny.
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