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    With all due respect

    I didn’t grow up “experimenting with my sexuality” online. I’m 23 years old now, and i realize that a lot of what I did when I was young affects me now. This is a shout out to any young kids on this site. Love a real life, and let your experiences come to you, Do not wait for an internet prince to turn your experience. Nobody from the UK is giving anyone from the US a great experience regardless of what we think, and vice versa. There is information to impart and what not but I think that informed consent is important and when your 15 you don’t know what you want, I’m sorry if that’s “not true”. That’s just y 45¢ for all the young people making posts on here that are quite too obvious.
  2. boxershortsbro

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    I don’t know anybody other than myself and the ppl on this site that are into/think of sagging in this way. It’s so frustrating. My boyfriend tries to get into it for me but it just doesn’t happen, lol.
  3. boxershortsbro

    jeans with rips and holes

    I have a pair of jeans that had a hole near the left pocket so when I’m wearing them you can see a lil bit of my boxers. I really like those jeans.
  4. boxershortsbro

    Word Association Game

  5. boxershortsbro

    Strangest fetish you've come across?

    Sex with your boxers on? Like just ripped through the back
  6. boxershortsbro

    Word Association Game


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