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  1. Everyday. Sometimes 2-3 times a day. Nothing wrong with it. You should do it before a hook up, especially if you haven’t hooked up in a while. That second nut gives you time to tear something up and last longer before it comes. Lol.
  2. Yeah I used to sag big time then. All she had to do was pull my **** out the boxer hole.
  3. I'm definitely between 3-4. I like girls just as much as I like guys. But I think lately in my life I've been leaning more towards the gay side, since I haven't been with a girl in over a year. But I still like **** and pussy and love a girls company. But most of the guys I have been with have been fem boys. I like a fem boy. When I'm feeling submissive, I want a masculine man. IDK. LOL I just like what I like. I hate titles.
  4. Cut 28 Probably like 11 or 12. I remember humping the bed and would cum but nothing came out, it was just the orgasm feeling with no cum. Them one day I humped the bed and when I came, I came all in my boxers and pants. It surprised the F**** out of me but I already knew it was cum. I had done my research. lol I remember being excited when I felt it shoot out of me. I was like, "YES I got cum. I got cum". LOL Oh yeah. My bf's friend who is married, but he has a fat ass. I mean ass so nice and plump and juicy. Every time I get around him I can't help but stare at his ass. I want
  5. Yeah it's just a comfort thing. I do it all the time without realizing i'm doing it. I hold my **** and balls when I sleep. LOL
  6. I'm very interested to hearing all about this incident. How did it happen? How'd it start? After you sucked him, did he come back to you, or did you chase him?
  7. LOL Yeah he is at least bi. Closeted guys really blow my mind sometimes. I bet he watches gay po*n or is on grindr these days. LOL I have had a guy like this once. We went to HS together and I never actually thought of him in any way other than just a cool guy. We weren't really friends, just said hey to each other here and there. But once we graduated he hit me up on FB and we ended up exchanging numbers and we texted like that whole day. Just small talk. Then I told him I was bi, and he was very cool with it. Next thing I know, he's asking me to give him head. I did of course. He was handsom
  8. Yeah I used to jerk off before school in my car in the student parking lot. I had a gf at the time too so she would meet me in the parking lot when she got off the bus and we'd fool around in the car before school starts. But I want to know about you losing your V card in the locker room. Was it with a girl or guy?
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