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    anything with wheels and a motor,blading.sakting,sneakers especially skate shoes,gym, running
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  1. Prowler905

    A Or B?

    boxer briefs but ill sag with anything jeans or jean shorts
  2. Prowler905

    Word Association Game

    Mercedes Benz
  3. Prowler905

    A Or B?

    levi's skinny jeans or baggy jeans
  4. Prowler905

    What are you wearing right now?

    green camo cargo shorts purple AE bb's grey tank top and my brand new DVS Comanche skate shoes
  5. Prowler905

    A Or B?

    axe electric shaver or razor
  6. Prowler905

    A Or B?

    bar soap .hot shower or cold shower
  7. Prowler905

    A Or B?

    naked shower or bath
  8. Prowler905

    A Or B?

    dinner lunch or dinner
  9. Prowler905

    A Or B?

    amazon daytime or night time

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