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  1. hi name kyle a 18yo gat sagger from the uk

  2. dvs33333

    Unbutton/unzip pants when you take them off?

    Well, I'm different to all of you.. I unbutton and unzip everytime lol..
  3. I assume that's why everyone is on this site. But how much do you's all like it? I mean, if I see people sagging or if they look like they are sagging I have to stop or go out of my way just to have a look... it is that hot. I sometime **** later that night thinking about the saggers I have seen. It would be so good to go to a sagger club of some sort where everyone is sagging lo. I'm bi or bi curious, whatever you wanna call it.. and from Australia .
  4. I love sagging.. I don't really do it myself.. But it turns me on so much when I see it.. Anyway, I'm thinking of posting up some pictures of me sagging. Do you's all post saggings pics? And should I?
  5. I miss those videos, does anyone have them downloaded that they could email? Or better yet, start up another site with them. Or does anyone know if there currently is a site that I don't know about?
  6. dvs33333

    Guys that Sag...

    I love guys that sag, I find it very very hot. Turns me on. I never sag myself.. I like people sagging that look young, probably 16 - 20 I have two questions. I wonder if all the people that sag, if they ever think that other guys just walking around, find it really hot like what I do.. of if they just do it and not ever think of that possibility. And if most guys on this site sag aswell, I know that I don't. Just wondering if most people find it hot and they sag aswell or if they just find it hot. ... thanks.

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